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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Not Dead, Just Sleeping. WinterTusk News

That's right everyone. Blaze is back. No need to worry anymore. New followers, and old, I am here to stay.

Let's get started.

When I 'left' I promised you guys something that some people were upset about (which I'm sure you all know and they're fine with by now.)

It was the new Orthrus spell animation.

Here's the old: (It says new in the beginning because this is from when it first came out.)

And here's the updated version.:

Personally I like the old version, just cause I'm opposed to change. Haha.

Anyway, updates for the Spiral.

There's going to be a new world coming VERY soon. So soon that it's already on the Test Realm.

It's called WinterTusk and it continues the story of Grizzleheim and introduces Grandmother Raven, Bartleby's sister, co-creator of the Sprial, if you remember from the Wizard City story line.

Yep, that's her. Can't wait to delve into the new storyline. There's also a few new things coming to Wizard101, which you can read about in the update notes. Here.
Here are the two pictures given, of areas in WinterTusk.

KingsIsle has a special surprise for us about WinterTusk. The music there has been composed by "one of the hottest your musical artists in the entertainment industry." They will be giving us hints throughout the next few weeks as to who it will be. I was hoping it would be J-Biebs. But of course the first hint is:
"I’ve performed on Saturday Night Live and my initials are not J.B.!"

Rough, haha.

Let me know who you think it might be in the comments, and I'll have a new post out soon.

Happy Gaming