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Monday, June 28, 2010


This just in folks. The test realm for the Celestia pre-quests is now officially open. I recieved a text from Victoria Spiritblossom just moments ago while sitting in Grizzleheim. It's a shame I'm not a grand yet and am a crowns player not subbed so I can't go in. If I bough crowns recently I could come join in the fun. (But KI is mean like that [I think it should be players that have been on W101 for a certain amount of time because every player has something to contribute and can help out sgnificantly.])

Have fun guys!

Happy Gaming

Quick Schedule Update

No, I haven't gotten anymore info about those W101 olympics yet. (I'm keeping my eyes peeled though ;D) I just wasnted to quick let you all know that I may not make posts for a few more days (Sorry Victoria) the reason being that I have camp this week and next week too (just got home from it today.) and I'm trying to work out an issue with posting pictures here with the help of Friendly. So, until I can solve this, I won't be posting pictures in my next few posts. Although, knowing Friendly, he'll probably have it all explained for me by tomorrow. (Cause he's just that awesomesauce.)

Ok, so I hope you all are having a great day.

Happy Gaming

Friday, June 25, 2010

Celestia Artwork Part 5

Here's the latest installment of the Celestia Artwork. Robot Boy has been revealed. We're getting so close to the final piece. I'm sure you can picture what all of them look like by now. I know I can. It's weird that there aren't any Shadow Weavers in the background though. Maybe just not yet. I mean, they are going to be the big villain in Celestia right? Hmm... Maybe more theorycrafting is required. Who knows.

And of course according to Friendly's MS-Celestia (What will be the abbreviation? Leave a comment with your guess) comparison, Robot Boy will be a... oh right, he and Shark Kid weren't in the comparison. So, I think he'll be an NPC because he doesn't look mean, actually kind of nice. Let me know what you guys think in the comments. ;D

Tomorrow I am going to post a few pictures that Victoira Spiritblossom kindly sent me of two glitches. (Yay we can bring out the Glitch Dog again!) And after I get a camera and pc mic, I'll be able to do an instructional video on how to do both, and maybe some vlogs like Ditto.

Happy Gaming

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Celestia Prequests Part 2: Theorycrafting

"Hold on a second, Blaze! You mean to tell us there's even more involved in that questline?"

No, don't worry. What's a good spoiler without some theorycrafting from your favorite blogger right? Of course, Friendly hasn't done much of it yet, so second favorite will have to do. Ok fine, third.

I just want to talk about where I believe we will have to go to fight Shadow Weavers to retrieve parts of the decoder. Now, I know that almost all of you have seen an area in the game and asked yourselves (or Friendly as the case may be) "Hey, self / Friendly, what is the point of that place?" Well, that's mainly what I'm here to talk about.

For Wizard City, I believe that the Shadow Weaver will be located behind the Death gates in the Haunted Cave.

I know what you're thinking. "Blaze, that's obviously for a Death Wizard spell quest." WRONG! It's not. Friendly did a post about it somewhere, but I don't really wanna go looking for it. (Feel free to if you want.) If you just don't want to agree here then it's probably in the mysterious empty house in Olde Town

You know, it's probably not because I've been told that if you go up on the ledge near the attic window, you can see Malistaire inside.

For the Krokotopia Shadow Weaver, I have found a few places that it could be. For example, behind the wall of bricks in the Pyramid of The Sun. (Yes, fellow sorcerers, that is Priya, the dryad, helping train a theurgist. I know, Priya loves us more. ;D)

Or maybe through one of the tunnels we haven't been able to explore.

If we can find a way down to it of course.

Or maybe it's in the Temple of Storms, behind those bricks.

Or through that tunnel.

And has anyone noticed that island up there?

Maybe it's up there, watching from above. (Creepy, I know.)

And if it's not up there, maybe it'll be behind that door on the side of the Oasis Library.

Yeah Zan'ne is definitely hiding it from us. Never trust an orange mander, I guess.
Or maybe through the tunnel on the back of the minigame pyramid.

For Marleybone, I believe it will be inside Barkingham Palace.

"Hey Blaze, isn't there some sort of Marleybone side quest from one of those guards that has you go in the palace?" WRONG! (again.) There isn't. "Then why would they make it." -.- For the Shadow Weaver. "Oh..."

For the Mooshu Shadow Weaver, I'm not sure at all. I honestly have NO idea whatsoever. If you guys have any idea of where it might appear. Let me know down in the comments.

For the Dragonspyre Shadow Weaver, I am almost positive it will be behind the door behind the knowledge crystal in the Plaza of Conquests.

Ok, I hope that gave you a good idea of where you'll have to be going on your next journey throughout the Spiral. (Like the obsidian chests... x shudder x)

Btw, if you started up W101 to try and find Malistaire, you get +30 Brownie Points! You probably won't find him though. He's really busy battling those bored grandmasters. ;D

Happy Gaming
Note: The pictures of Malistaire in Olde Town, The Krokotopia Library, and the Krokotopia Minigame Pyramid ARE edited by yours truly. I apologize for any confusion. I guess I really AM a great edit-er. Sorry for the disappointment. I just really love editing W101 pictures. ;D
Happy Gaming

Celestia Prequests

Ok guys. I know I'm a little late with this compared to the other bloggers, (but that's why you love me right?) Anyway, let me just get to the insider info right? Well, here's KI's little synopsis of what the prequest line will be like:

"After attaining the rank of Grand Master and defeating Malistaire, you are summoned to Ravenwood by Halston Balestrom, who explains that he has received a cryptic message on a strange device, the Resonating Omni-Audio-Graph.

Balestrom asks for help decoding the message and sends you to Krokotopia to find an ancient artifact that will help in the translation. Upon arrival, you discover that the item you need has been stolen, broken apart and scattered throughout the Spiral by a group of mysterious villains.

It's up to you to travel across the Spiral and defeat a cadre of villains to get the pieces Balestrom requires. Gradually, you learn more about these mysterious enemies, discovering that they are the Shadow Weavers, a secret order of Wizards with sinister plans.

Upon successfully decoding Balestrom's mysterious message, you learn that it originates from a long-lost Marleybonian survey team from the Spiral Geographic Society, a league of explorers who set out long ago to find the lost world of Celestia. According to the message, the explorers believe they have stumbled upon an important discovery, but they are trapped and in great danger!

With this new information, Balestrom concludes that the Shadow Weavers are after the ancient Spiral Key to Celestia, held in the Spiral Geographic Society archives. He asks you to travel to the Society headquarters and retrieve the Spiral Key. However, upon arrival in Marleybone, you discover that this simple errand will become a daunting trial, requiring you to overcome a squadron of Shadow Weavers and other powerful forces eager to keep Celestia lost and its secrets unknown.

After defeating the final enemy, you find a blackened, broken Spiral Key... now you must discover whether it is shattered forever, or if it can be remade to function again!"

That's quoted from Willowdreamer over at the Central. She was kind enough to type up the article from Becketts magazine. And of course KI wouldn't leave us hanging without a few insider pictures right?

Check them out!

I believe they are the Shadow Weavers. (Unless the Celestians are evil bugs. O. o) I'm not sure which one will be the Head Weaver, as they are both pretty menacing looking. Wish us luck, young wizards!
As more information comes out (from the test realm I assume, unless Friendly can get some more info from Greyrose.) I will be sure to keep you updated.
Happy Gaming

Monday, June 21, 2010

Old Friend, New Address


This post is a very special one. It's sort of a tribute to my friend, Alex Legendflame. He's been with me since almost the beginning of my studies at Ravenwood, and we've had a lot of fun together, and not to mention a few fights.

But let's not talk about those today. Today we celebrate.

As a few of you know, I am starting another Stairs section in my new house. (I will give further details on that in another post.) Today when Alex came on he was very determined to find my blog (Kyle was bugging him about it I assume.) So eventually, after much typing, he was able to find it.

He was a little sad that I hadn't made a post with the things we do together in it, so we decided I would make this.

There have been so many great times that he, Emily, Alyssa, and I have shared together, I can't think of a good one to talk about. Pretty much any time that we've called him Lexi. In fact, when Alyssa started talking about a Lexi one day, I thought she was talking about a different person. It was quite a few days after that I learned it was my good buddy whom they called Lexi. He doesn't like it when we call him that, but I don't think he'll mind if I told you guys. (And if he does, "Shhhh." ;D)

He wanted me to post a good picture of us together too. I didn't have any recent ones of us so we took this one of him and I on top of The Stairs 2.5, with him in his Spider Man Outfit. (Just learned he had that today.)
Here it is:

He had to go afk for a few minutes after that, and he just stayed that way. Then Kyle came on too. (They are on the same account.) So that was a little weird seeing them together. (Oh, it also truns out that the two of them are twins. Kyle just acts younger ;D Good choice Kyle!)

Speaking of Kyle, after he ported, he wanted to change to his ice outfit (complete with ice mander.) So while he was in his backpack, I quick ran to the top of the seventeen crate tall tower that will soon be The Stairs 2.5. When he came back this is what happened:

Of course he was a smart cookie, and ported to me instead of walking. (Granted he would've ported anyway because I had the door closed. [Yes I have a door I:])

Of course he laughed (and didn't hit ignore, like a certain bro of his might do. Love you too Alex! ;D)

Almost forgot. I will be changing the web address of my blog to because it will be "easier and more likely to be found" according to Alex. Let me know if that's alright with you guys. (Comments, duh. ;D)

My post tomorrow will be coverage on Celestia Pre-Quests. I hope you all like it.

Happy Gaming

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Seriously?: A Little Rant

Ok, first of all I'd like to say that last night I went out with my Mom, Dad, David, his parents, his aunt and uncle, and Philly, and his dad and grandparents. We had a wonderful time at a very nice restaurant. Later we all went back over to David's and jc'd. (jc = "Just Chilling" for all those noobs out there. ;D)

But, none of that is the point of this post. Today I am having a little rant because of the comments I received on the previous post. In the post I clearly stated that everyone who entered the contest had guessed correctly and won. I received two comments (it may not seem like a lot but it's enough to make me upset.) asking "lol did I win?" and saying "I feel sad that I didn't win. :( It's not my fault that I don't have a membership. AND I WAS FIRST TO POST A COMMENT! :( x sigh x I hate not being a member." Seriously? Here's the comment I was going to post, but decided making a new post would have a better impact.

@Alyssa and everyone else who is reading this:

This isn't even the first time it's happened. Go back through my comments sections and see.

I hope from now on I don't have to explain to someone that if they read the whole post, they would know what's going on.

Happy Gaming

Thursday, June 17, 2010

51st Post Contest Winners

Ok, I know you're all dying to know who guessed correctly about where I am in this picture.

Well, I'm happy to say that I got many responses in such a small amount of time, and that all of you got it right. I am in the icy caves of Ravenscar, Grizzleheim.

Now, what bothered me when checking my e-mail and seeing who commented first, was that the first two entries were listed in my e-mail as being posted within seconds of each other and both guessed correctly. I checked on my blog and it showed on being posted a minute earlier. But, to save you all from the disappointment from posting correctly but not winning, I am going to do something special for you all.

I am going to send an e-mail over to KI and ask for a few codes to give out to all of you. Partially for guessing correctly, but mostly to just say thanks for reading my blog. Although, I can't promise that I am going to be successful in this endeavor, I am going to try anyway.

Wish me luck.

Happy Gaming

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

51st Post (With a Little Contest)

Hey everyone! Sorry this is such a late post. We've had finals all week and I've just been super busy studying. (I found out today that I aced the History one from yesterday! ;D)

But even better news is that I e-mail KI (Thank you Friendly) about how I still hadn't got my pets back. About 3 minutes after, when I was on W101, a message popped up and said "You have been disconnected due to matinence on your server." Yeah, an admin had read my e-mail and was fixing the issue THAT quickly! I went on about an hour and a half later and found a nice surprise in my shared bank.

Yeah, they were all set back to babies and they don't have the right collars on, but I noticed that all their talent and derby slots were "Ultra Rare" and "Epic," which I'm sure KI had something to do with. (which means higher pedigree, which means Hatchery requests up the rivers in Mooshu!) THANK YOU KINGSISLE! ;D

I have to keep telling myself that they are my real pets, they just went to the gym and improved for the cost of going back to baby, and Dr. Purreau gave them new shiny collars. I: Meh, they're back from vacation and safe in my backpack. That's all that really matters. Right? Right.

In other news, (I say that a lot, huh?) one of my most important GSF's (Gold-Star Friends) was on the other day. Her name is Elizabeth, and she has been such a great friend to me. She deserves at least 50% of the fan-nage for The Stairs. She was my inspiration and my teacher on the entire Glitch Rug subject. She reminded me to never give up no matter how tricky it gets, which is great advice for irl lives too. Thank you so much Elizabeth!

So, Alyssa and Kyle (Alex Legendflame's [ Another of my BFF's on W101] younger brother.) were both also on, so I brought them over to Elizabeth's Myth House. We went swimming in her pool (A fine example of her rug skills.)

Alyssa was a little scared to get in the water at first, but I was able to reassure her that Elizabeth's rugs would hold up in the water just fine.

I also got a ton of great pictures for my entry in Ambrose 2 Zeke's 500 hit celebration Pet Wallpaper Contest. (<-- Reluctantly Place Link x grumble grumble x Less chance for me to win I:) Elizabeth has a huge pet collection. (Kyle calls it Pet World. XD)

I decided that I would hold a little contest myself. (Also partially because no one entered in the 49th post contest I:) All you guys have to do is comment on this post. But of course, there's a catch. You have to correctly guess where I am in this picture:

I promise you all this was not edited. May I feel Our Lady Judgement's wrath if I am lying. (<-- The would be very painful!)

Am I in Celestia? Did KingsIsle open the Test Realm gates just for me? Could I have made this any harder? Why am I asking you all these questions?

I know the answers to three of those questions^ btw. ;D

Best of Luck!

(NOTE: The area that I am located in the above picture IS a Crown / Subbbed only area. Sorry.)
Happy Gaming

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Awesome Sauce-erer's 50th Post Anniversary

"x Gasp! x Blaze, did you just say that this is your 50th post already?"

Yes, inquiring reader, I did.

I'm very excited that I've come this far in the blogosphere, as Friendly calls it. In honor of this huge milestone, I'm going to do something that I've wanted to do since I started, but had no idea how to until a few nights ago, when I received an e-mail from Friendly, explaining how. The second after this post is published, there will be a hit counter on this very blog.

Isn't that exciting?

Well, I think it is. (I doubt I'll catch up to Friendly any time soon, though ;D [No, I don't want you to spam the refresh button. +10 Brownie Points for thinking of it though ;D])

Which brings me to today's question. (Which ties in perfectly with today's post, as it's a very fun topic.) I received an e-mail from Ronan Ravenshard 3 days ago, so here we go.

Hi Blaze! First off, let me say this. Your blog is awesome, and funny! Now, the question.I see you mention "Brownie Points" on your blog. What are they?If they're for a contest for whoever has the most brownie points, I want some :D.Thanks for your time! :D

Ok, Ronan. It all started when I was on the computer one day, a little after the beginning of the school year. I was on some forum. (I'm not quite sure what for. I think it might of been a W101 blog actually. Oh well.) Anyway, someone commented in reply to someone else, and "gave them brownie points because they asked a good question or gave a good answer or something like that. The following day, I made a "Brownie Points Chart" and brought it to school. I would give out brownie points at lunch to my friends for doing something nice for someone, or just being a good friend that day. I eventually ran out of time to keep counting up the insane amount of points that I was giving out, and just stopped giving them out. (I'm going to try and bring it back for the last week of school.)

So now that I have a blog, I give out brownie points for doing something cool, asking a great question or finding out info about the game, etc. I'm not keeping track of all the points for the readers. I guess you could say that I'm keeping it on the honor system.

I hope this answers your question, Ronan. Thanks for asking.

My next topic today is the glitch that has been happening recently for a lot of players. Let's bring out the Glitch Dog for the first time on my blog.

Yup, he's the cutest little dog in the Spiral. (He's actually Friendly's, but I don't think he'll mind if I borrow him for a bit.)

Ok, I'm calling this huge event, "The Item Hurricane." Ok, so on Sunday, I noticed that Chester (My chestnut pony. You all should know him by now.) wasn't in my backpack. I panicked. I checked my bank. Nothing. I started crying. I've grown so close to Chester, over the half a year (Estimate) that I've had him with me.

"Blaze, he's just a virtual horse."

I understand that, but when you have something for such a long time, name it, and everything, you fall in love with it, making it nearly impossible to see it gone.

I quickly logged off the game, and logged back in, figuring this would fix the problem and everything would be fine. WRONG! He was still gone. I tried again. Nope, still gone. I then proceeded to e-mail the awesomesauce people over at KI.

They then asked me what I had lost, when I bought him, what happened, blah blah blah. I won't bore you with the e-mail I sent them and all that.

The next day I went on, and all my pets were gone except for Princess Roxy, who was equipped. That means I had lost:

  • Mister Maximus (My first and favorite pet.) - Blue Cyclops
  • Mister Tyson - Storm Hound (From Mali's chest, trying to get my robes.)
  • Lady Dexter - Ninja Pig (Purchased) (+20 Brownie Points if you caught the Friendly reference.)
  • Romeo - Cupig (From Valentina Heartsong)
  • Chico - Krokomummy (Purchased)
  • King Marley - Danger Hound (W101 Central Facebook Contest)
  • Miss Champ - Piggle (Pet Pavilion quest line)

I e-mailed them again, and let them know about this huge loss also.

The other day, they e-mailed all the players who had lost items in this mess up, and told us that they are in the process of fixing it all and retrieving our hard-earned items.

The peculiar thing about this glitch though, is that it only affected some players, and only mounts and pets. Another thing that I noticed was that new items, that I didn't remember purchasing were in my inventory. (Pet treats after Chester, and a DS item after my pets had been lost.) Of course, I just realized that these items were probably items that I got from enemy / boss drops. I: Silly silly Blaze.

I hope that this event did not affect any of you, and if it did, I wish you the best of luck getting those items back, as soon as possible.

Ok, it's time for me to go to bed now. (It's been a long day today.) So, I wish you all a good night, and I hope you've all enjoyed my blog so far, and the next 50 posts even more.

Happy Gaming

Monday, June 7, 2010

Curious Counterweights

Hello everybody. I recieved my first e-mail last night. From Victoria Spiritblossom! She gets brownie points for that (+20.) Ok, here's her question:

Come to think of it, there is something I’ve been wondering recently. I recently finished the Counterweight East quest, and I figured out that it’s a great source of scrap iron. When I left, it took me down to a room that looks like the ones from Big Ben (instead of the winding staircases of the Counterweights). Within a few seconds it pulled up the loading screen and I was back in the royal Museum before I could explore this floor. It doesn’t always do this when I leave that dungeon, but almost half of the time it does. And I’m also remembering one time when I was helping my friend. I ported to them right after they went inside and we were on the same type of floor that I described. We had to fight several of those rooms before we got to the large winding rooms with all the gears and counterweights. When I was fighting that dungeon for my own quest, it just took me straight to the room with Gus. Is this just a glitch, or is it a secret floor or something?

Sorry for the long explanation,
Victoria Spiritblossom

Ok, Victoria, here it goes.

When you do the Counterweight Quests, as with Big Ben, you can not only go up, but also down floors. When you go up in the Counterweights, it looks just like Big Ben, until you get to the last floor, which is really 7 layers, with 5 mob battles and the boss battle. This last floor is much larger and has the "winding staircase" that you mentioned. As for the rest of the floors, it's just a typical MB tower. (Are there any others? [Excluding one-floor towers.]) When you try to exit the dungeon, the game is told to bring you down a floor, but then it is told you have you exit the dungeon. So, you enter the room for a split second, and then leave. Btw, the length was perfect! I hope all my questions can be this detailed. I hope this helps. Maybe I'll add some pictures, but for now I just wanted to get this question answered while I had it in my mind. Thank you for asking.

If any of you have further information on this topic, please post it in the comments for us. Thank you.

Tomorrow I have a HUGE surprise. Let's see if you can guess why? Who ever guesses right first, get's a spot on my friends list, and a derby race with me. (Practice.)

Happy Gaming

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Lack of E-Mails

Greetings, loved ones. Let's take a journey.

This post has absolutely nothing to do with that song. I just wanted to start it that way because this song is on repeat on my ipod right now.

But, what today's post is about, is the lack of e-mails that I've recieved on my new e-mail address. I figured you'd all be flocking to your outboxes to send me all sorts of questions about the game. I was sadly mistaken. I have recieved 0 e-mails for (Except for the much appreciated support from my mom. ♥ U!) Nope, not even from Emily. Now, I understand all of us are very busy, but a little encouragement / congratulations would be very loved.

Which is why I'm making this post. I got an e-mail today from my mom, with a very creative idea. Instead of waiting for all of you to think of what to say, and come to me, I'm going to ask you guys a question for you to answer for me. A Weekly Question, you could say (except I'm only doing it this once. Just to get you guys started.

What's your favorite part of my blog?

Just e-mail me with your answer and any questions that you have about in-game situations. (Ie. Spells, pets, items, bosses, whatever.) PLEASE don't hesitate to click that link. (I'll say it once again. Ok, everyone?) Please please please. Send me an e-mail.

And after you hit that handy dandy send button. You get to watch this. I was on YouTube searching for that link^ And this came up in my recommended videos. Check out this mad skill.

Pretty awesomesauce right? Definitely.

Make sure to e-mail me. (

Happy Gaming

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Celestia Artwork Part 4

Hey everyone, we've been given a new piece of the puzzle once again. Here it is:

Shark Kid has been revealed! He looks pretty beast. According to Friendly, he will be a: Oh, wait. Friendly did his wallpaper examination before Robot Boy and Shark Kid were added. Hmm... I'll just theorycraft about what he'll be. I'm guessing he's going to be a boss later in the world. (Maybe the final boss. Unless the guy to our left of him is.)

There is also another new addition to the wallpaper. There is a code under the Celestia logo. It seems to be written in what I'm going to assume is Celestian writing. We can therefore guess that the Celestians have been around before wizards. O: USING ASTRAL MAGIC?!?!?! Oh yeah. Definitely. (If you agree with me, you get +10 Brownie Points ;D)

Friendly was awesomesauce and was able to translate this for us to: Beneath the waves, the stars still shine.

He gave us a walkthrough on how he was able to do this. (Hopefully that will help us solve the mystery of the chalkboard. [A very special post of Friendly's])

I know I'm like 2 days behind with this post, but at least I'm infroming more wizards of the current news. ;D

Btw, I updated the "Enchanted Trading R.I.P." post with the quote from J. Todd Coleman.

Happy Gaming

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Monthly Poll 3

Hey everyone. It's that time of month again. No, not that Taylor! (Woah there sailor!) The Monthly Poll!

Ok, last month's question was: "What is / Was the scariest area in game for you? (as a noob / or not.) (Environment or bosses / enemies found there.)"

The results are in.

Drumroll Troll, do you're thing!

x Drumroll x

  1. Kensington Park (33% - 3 votes)
  2. I'm not scared of anything ... except PvP (22% - 2 votes)

And tied for third are:

  • Sunken City (11% - 1 vote)
  • The Djesrit / Ahnic Tombs (11% - 1 vote)
  • Malistaire's Lair (11% - 1 vote)
  • All of Dragonspyre (11% - 1 vote)

And in last place, with no votes are:

  • Nightside
  • Krokatopia Grand Arena
  • Big Ben
  • The Tree of Life
  • The Necropolis
  • The Labyrinth

Yeah, I don't know why the Djesrit / Ahnic Tombs didn't win by a landslide, either. ;D

I mean, I was terrified to go in them without a friend. I didn't want my back to any empty space, only walls. I mean, look at it:

Ok, now for the surprise that you've all been patiently waiting for.

Drumroll Troll, one more time please.

x Drumroll x

Thank you ;D

Ok, so yesterday, I made a purchase in the Crown Shop. (Bad Blaze? No way!) I bought something that I wanted since it came out.

The Balance House. I'm not quite finished moving my stuff in yet. (I'm leaving the famous Stairs in the Villa, along with a few other sentimental items. I think I'm actually going to make a maze outside and inside also. That'd be pretty cool, huh? Let me know what you think in the comments. Yes, it would be sort of like Friendly's.)

Once I move all the items in, I'll find some way to make a video of The Grand Tour. (I wish I made one of the Villa before construction... :,( Oh well...) I'll upload it to YouTube (Yes I have a channel. I won't tell you the name of it because it's not W101-ified yet. But, if you're a Blaze-Maniac, then you'll be able to figure out my username.)

So, yesterday after I bought this great home, and I had Alyssa port in. (To have fun, and to help me port back and forth between the Villa and the ... the Balance House?) We had a great time getting all my items (Yeah, I've kept almost every item that I ever recieved from a boss/enemy drop [except for the few that I don't really care for.] Oh, Blaze, such a pack-rat-magician. Hehe)

Yes, I trapped Alyssa. (Originally I trapped her and Emily's little sister, Rebecca, but she wouldn't pose for the picture because we were being "mean." Oh little children. So Alyssa wanted to do it instead. [Not like that. Let's keep it G-Rated here. ;D ])

I then taught Alyssa all about "the lady in the ground."

"O: Not just any Lady, Alyssa."


"That's Our Lady Judgement."

And the conversation went from there.

Alyssa now worships her, as I do.

So until I can give you a tour of the new house. I'll give you a parting awesomesauce screenshot.

Yes, I found a way to stand on the chair, without placing it over me. (Actually Alyssa did. I was putting items in my new room, and I looked over and she was on the chair, claiming to be the Queen of the Balance house. I then told her that she was mistaken. She is the Princess of the Balance House. Emily is the Queen. "But Blaze, Emily is storm." Well, Idc!)

Happy Gaming

"Blaze, you're forgetting something!"

Oh, right. This month's poll. Ok, "What should my new post-starter (opening line: ie. Hey, Yo Yo, What up, etc.) be?

Happy Gaming (Once again. ;D)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

New E-mail

Yes, everyone. I finally set up an e-mail address for this blog. I hope you all will use it at some point. Feel free (PLEASE) to send me questions about anything Wizard101, fan mail, or even questions about me, and I will do my best to answer each and every one of your questions on a post here. (Just like Friendly does!)

"Ok ok, Blaze, I get it, just give us the e-mail already. I wanna send you some fan mail!" Woah there sailor, hold your horses. (All I can think of now, is that Krabby Patty Training Video episode of Spongebob...) "Woah there Eager McBeaver! Ahahahahaha."

Sigh. I can't find it on YouTube (at least one that hasn't been edited.) WRONG! hehe.

Ok. So the e-mail is (That link will create a new message in your e-mail program.) You will also be able to find this link in the "Contact Me" page in the tabs^.

I also have a surprise for you guys tomorrow.

Also, Emily, if you're reading this (or Alyssa, then get Emily.) please send me an e-mail, so I can do an interview with you.

Thanks guys. I hope you enjoy my new feature.

Happy Gaming