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Sunday, September 18, 2011

More MineCraft Videos, and Might As Well Subscribe

Oh, hey there. Here's the three videos that haven't been posted here. You might as well subscribe to me on YouTube if you haven't already, because I'm bound to forget to post these here. (Be warned, the first one in this post has some language so 13+. Thanks)

Enjoy them. 

Happy Gaming

Thursday, September 8, 2011

New Beginnings

Hey guys, so obviously, posting over the summer didn't go so well, as I was very busy with summer reading, and working on a packet for AP Biology, which I was recommended for this year.

Anyway, I'm hopefully going to be getting into a better schedule with this whole thing, by releasing videos along with a blog post every Saturday.

I still plan on keeping this blog W101 themed, but with a few other things thrown in, such as MineCraft. Hopefully a lot of you play it as well, so this won't be too boring for you guys. If you don't know about MineCraft, you definitely should buy it well it's still in Beta (1.7.3 currently. 1.8 is coming soon.) It's one of my favorite games, so I think you all would like it too.

Here's the first video, not only of MineCraft, but of many different games to come.


I hope you all had a great summer and enjoy the school year as much as I plan to.

Happy Gaming