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Friday, December 23, 2011

The Binding of Busyness

Hey everyone,
Sorry about the hiatus. I've just been busy with drama club auditions, rehearsals, and school stuff in general. Now that it's Christmas break, I'm going to be free to upload videos and make posts for a whole week.

I recently got a few more games from Steam for the Christmas sale. I got, 'Half Life 2: Episode 1' (Really 'Half Life 3: Episode 1' for when I finish HL2.), 'Audiosurf', 'Garry's Mod', and 'The Binding of Isaac', which I started a playthrough on. (Sorry for the slight audio delay. Same thing that happened with the first Bit.Trip Runner video, used the same fix, but still a little delay.) I've been following Cupquake's (ihascupquake) playthrough of it, and as usual I love it. So why not get the game? Anyway, here's the first episode. I hope you all like it.

As you can all see, I'm still getting the hang of it. It's actually a lot harder than you'd think. I know I'll get better at it as I keep playing. This time I'm going to film episodes and save the time of splitting them up (like I have to with SkyBlock, which I will do this week as well.) That'll save a lot of time, and allow me to upload faster, and get more done.

Thanks for watching. I'll talk to you all real soon.

Happy Gaming