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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

#Twizards Party w/ Arlen Dawneyes and Kestrel Shadowthistle

That's right everyone, Arlen Dawneyes of The Two Headed Wizard, Kestrel Shadowthistle of The Shadowthistle School of Wizardry, and I are going to be hosting a party. Now, this isn't going to be just any old party. It's going to be a party to help promote taking good care of the environment. We're still working out some of the details, but I promise to keep you all posted. I'm working on a Glog right now for you all to e-mail and tweet and whatnot to help spread the word. As of now the party is planned for the 11th of next month, but the date is tentative. We all can do our part to help make a difference in the world. I highly encourage all of you to come to the party and to start doing your part to help the Earth.

Thank you.

Happy Gaming

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Celestia Fan Poster

Hey everyone. Today when I was on our very own, Victoria Spiritblossom's blog, The Smart Allec Wizard, I found this nifty little website called Glogster. It's a website which you can create posters on. It looked like fun, so I checked it out. I uploaded all the Celestia press release pics and I was able to make this from scratch. No templates, no nothing. Hope you guys like it. Here it is:

Like it? Yeah, I figured you would. :D

It took me around 2 hours to do. Well, I started out and finished 2 hours later, but then when I went to save it, it said I had to register, but having the crazy computer I have (we're going to do a service pack update, and get IE8 [we have IE6 atm]) it closed the window. So, I had to start all over. Luckily after I registered and recreated it sort of, (I have both versions on my Glogster account [you'll see how amazing my memory is when you compare them. ;D]) I went on my newly created profile and saw that it said I had not one, but 2 glogs (that's what these posters are called.) The website had apparently saved my first one and not told me until after I had made a new one. (Here's the link to the second one I made. I actually think it came out better than the first.)

I'm doing the best that I can catching up on everything. Sorry I'm taking so long. Haha.

Happy Gaming

Monday, August 23, 2010

Full Realm Sunday

This came in on the Ravenwood Newsletter explaining Sunday afternoon's issues.

Weekend Connection Issues

 Many young Wizards experienced delays trying to log in to the game on Sunday afternoon, and others found they were unable to move between areas in the game. Just to give our players an update, Wizard101 was actually full! Yes that's right, so many players were in the game that no more players could fit!

Even with all our server upgrades, Wizard101 is growing so fast that we filled up the Spiral. We will continue to improve and expand on our servers to accommodate the ever growing population.

We apologize for the inconvenience over the weekend, and we're working diligently to ensure we're prepared for future population increases!
I have quite a few pics to post from yesterday. (Yeah, I was on when it happened ;D) 100% Silverfist Coverage.
Happy Gaming

Ravenwood Radio: The Apology

Dear Stephen and Overlord Leesha,
First of all I would like to formally make a post apologizing to the both of you. I'm just going to take down the previous post. What I did was as the trending on Twitter would put it #thatsuncalledfor. I hope that you both will forgive me for what I did. I understand that you can't write back to everyone or have everyone on the show. I didn't know about the 18+ up rule either. I truly enjoy the show and hope that someday I can guest star on it. I thouroughly apologize for all the trouble that this event has cause you. I hope neither of our sites are hindered because of it. I hope that both of you can forgive me for what I've put you through and we all can continue to be friends. I wish you the best of luck on your show.

Happy Gaming

Your Friend,
Blaze Silverfist
The Awesome Sauce-erer
Son of Elik Silverfist: Master Merchant

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Celestia Artwork Part 10, Press Release #2, Friday The 13th

Hey guys.

I know, the first thing you want to know is how we're all feeling. We're all still sore, but we're 99% better. Moving on.

Friday was the 13th. Make the connection. Now it was kind of weird because Emily and my friend, Aedan, (on his alt Justin) was with me farming in The Labyrinth. He cast Wild Bolt 6 times I think. It hit 5 times. Scary huh?

That was really the only thing out of the ordinary. I mean, we didn't have Jason Gobbler chasing after us the entire day.

Granted, he doesn't look too scary. Now, if Vladimir Darkflame were after us, I'd probably be a little freaked.

Yeah, that'd be scary.

So, let's get to the Celestia stuff.

Here's the new wallapaper.

Yeah, looks like some old crazy pirate dude, who will give you some insane goose chase quest to find his old parrot or something. The kind of guy that make you uncomfortable if your around him for more than three seconds. His name will probably be something like...Barnacle Bill. x shudder x

And, from Malorn Willowsmith, The Sorcerer of The Spiral, we have two new Celestia pictures.

This is number one.

I'm just going to go ahead and assume that this is what the Celestians looked like. Yeah, pretty rugged, underwater, alien things. Heckhound, it works for me. ;D

Here's number two.

He is just SO cute isn't he? Best thing since canned bread, I know!

No, I don't mean sliced bread. I mean canned.

Yeah, that's right, canned! :P You better go out and get some for the kids.

The one thing I noticed about this picture is that he looks strangely like the Angler Boss we saw in the last reveal.

Hmm, maybe this guy is a king, and the little guy up there is a prince and we have to save him from someone. I don't know, just food for thought, I guess.

That's all for today. Sorry it's a little late, I'm just busy getting ready for school.

Let me know what you think these three new characters will be in the comments.

Happy Gaming

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sharks, and 9 Wallpapers, and Car Crashes! Oh My!

Hi everybody.

I know you're already pretty freaked out just by the title. Let me explain what the heckhound happened.

On the way back home from the airport, my grandparents, my parents, and me got in a bad car crash. We took a turn on a green light, after it had been green for like 5 seconds. We're in the middle of the intersection and a black car speeds at over the limit and hits us in the back end of the left side of the car. She didn't even put the on the break. Just ran right into us at a high speed.

My mom was behind my dad, who was driving. I was in the middle of the back seat, with my Granny on my right. My Pa was in the passenger seat. I screamed the second before it hit. Thank god, we all had our seatbelts on. I went up into the air a little, my mom took most of the impact in her shoulder, and the air bag hit her hard in the ribs. My dad seemed ok other than a stiff neck.

I look into the front seat to see if Pa is ok. His head is resting limply on his shoulder. I immediately start sobbing uncontrollably. I scream "PA! PA! ARE YOU OK!" He weakly says, "yes, yes. I'm alright." Granny starts crying like nobody's business. (She worries a LOT. So she was really freaking out.)

We all got out of the car, and luckily a nurse who had just gotten home, and an off duty police officer were very nearby and the officer had us explain what happened and the nurse look at Pa and helped him breathe. See, Pa had open heart surgery a while ago and he has some heart problems. So he was in bad condition, because he was in shock. My mom, going into administration mode, called 911 and the police and ambulance came.

I was sitting on the curb, legs shaking like gobblers in a candy shop, crying hysterically. I love my grandparents SO much, and if anything happened to them I just don't know what I would do. My mom's ribs really hurt, but she seemed ok.

(I'm trying my best to remember everything but, it's all a big blur right now. The paramedics were helping Pa into a stretcher, then into an ambulance. Granny went with them. My mom went in another ambulance. I went with her. The nurse gave my dad a ride back home to drop off the luggage.

We're all perfectly fine now. David's parents picked my mom and me up and dropped us off at home, and picked up groceries and my mom's pain meds the doctor prescribed. My dad is there with my grandparents. Pa is doing fine. What happened was the seatbelt rests where the incision from the surgery was, which is very uncomofrtable for him. When we got jostled around, the seatbelt pulled and he lost his breath. But, thank Our Lady Judgement, we're all ok.

My shoulder and back hurt a lot right now, so I won't be blogging / playing a lot for maybe a few days. I can still see the car coming at us. I feel like none of it's real.

On a better note, KingsIsle has released a new Celestia reveal, and some concept art for ANOTHER new mount, a SHARK!

It looks so cool, huh? Celestia will definitely be EPIC. Turns out it's actually going to be a pet and an enemy also! And here's the artwork reveal

Looks like they've added a Marleybonian mechanic. Slowly, but surely we're getting there. Man, KI, you're just getting us so close to the edge of our seats, we'll fall off.

I hope you're all safe and sound. And PLEASE, for the safety of your family and friends, DO NOT drive on a cell phone, or with ANY sort of distraction. Please.

What I went through today will stay with me forever. Please just be careful for the sake of your loved ones.

Thank you.

Happy Gaming

Monday, August 2, 2010

Master Merchant #1

Hey everyone, I know, I'm two days late on this one. I'm actually on vacation and won't be getting back until the 10th. Then, once I have acces to a real computer, I'll go and fix up these posts with images. So here we go, Master Merchant #1!

Greetings young wizards,
Most of you just know me as Elik, so I'm sure very few of you realized that I am Blaze's father. Recently Blaze asked me if I'd like a column of sorts on his blog, I of course said yes. I'm so proud of him for being able to share his experiences with all of you.

Now, lets get to the good stuff, shall we?

My very first Monthly Housing Item would have to be the Wild Brush. It's a very rare occasion that I get my hands on some of these, so be sure to pick up a few if you see them here. Now, I'm not sure which boss drops these items, but Blaze is definitely going to be looking into that for me. (He is going to add a few pictures to this once we get back from our vacation.)

My Master Merchant Tip for this month is that if your looking to buy a piece of clothing (hat, robe, or boots), but just can't seem to afford it, try changing the colors from what you want to all brown. Brown is my cheapest color (mainly because not many people wear it) so this will significantly lower the price of the item. You can always dye it later. Miss Whisperwood, over at the Dye Shop is always happy to help us out.

I hope you've all enjoyed this first segment of Master Merchant, as I look forward to making more.

~Elik Silverfist
Master Merchant

Happy Gaming