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Monday, May 31, 2010

New Crown Shop Items

Yeah, I went to the crowns store today and saw plenty of new pets. (And a few items.) I'm playing right now, so I can get some pics for you.

I got a new "shipment" of crowns late last night. (The sale ends tonight at midnight central time. So be sure to hurry. It's a great deal.) My Mommy is so nice :D (If you're reading this: I ♥ U Mommy!)

Ok, so I held myself back because I have no idea how many crowns Celestia will cost, and only bought one item: The coolest item, the newest item (Friendly hasn't even mentioned it yet.)


It's so epic, huh, with it's zappy lightningy coolness. It gives one power pip, and 5 cards of Mega Nova which does 110 Ice damage. (Always good to have more elemental damage.) I love the look of it too!

There was also a new pair of wings, Swiftshadow Wings. They're basically black seraph wings. (Pretty much for all the guys that would rather Seraph Wings than Bat Wings, but didn't want to look too girly.

Now, for the moment you've all been waiting for. Drumroll please.

x drumroll x

Thank you Drumroll Troll!


There is a Pale Maiden:

A Green Cat Thug, complete with card:

A Diseased Wildclaw:

And of course, the red gobbler:

x grumble grumble x

I entered all the GGG (Great Gobbler Giveaway) Contests, and didn't win once. But, if I had been given the option from KI to give one of the contests, I would only give away 4 (Each contest holder was given 5 codes to give away.) x wink x

Happy Gaming

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Enchanted Trading R.I.P.

Hey, as amost of you know, I wasn't able to make it to the Ravenwood Ball last night. I had a great time with Philly, etc yesterday though. (I'm going over David's to chill with just him and Philly tonight.) But that's not what I'm here to talk about today.

I want to discuss the loss of our ability to trade enchanted cards. I'm sure many of you are very dissapointed in this collosus-sized event in the history of the Spiral. But is it really such a bad thing?

Let me start with a quote from via Friendly's blog:

"The trading of enchanted cards was never intended; it was an error on our part that players were able to use this system to gain access to spells they were never suppose to receive. Yes, this has been an issue in PvP, but that's really a minor part of the overall problem (as PvP is a relatively minor part of the overall W101 experience.)

Please understand that we went to great lengths to craft and balance the difficulty and "fun factor" of our game. We spent thousands of hours pouring over spreadsheets, implementing, testing, and then repeating that process until we got it right. We planned for players to have "easy" fights and "hard" fights. We planned on solo areas, and areas where we wanted them to ask other players for assistance, fostering social connections. As part of this process -- and to make each class feel special -- we created a handful of custom, unique spell that were restricted to each class. We wanted each player to feel like they could do something that other players could not. Each class was engineered to have areas of strength and weakness, so that the style of game play (and strategy) would different from one player to the next. We wanted to foster a sense of identity, to make the game interesting (and different) based on the path that the player chose to follow, and (of course) to make the game balanced across 300+ hours of gameplay.

After all that effort, we made a mistake, one which allowed player to use 50 gold enchantment cards to circumvent these class restriction. Oops! I wish this mistake had never been made in the first place; had the class restrictions been properly enforced from the beginning, players would have thought "well, that makes sense" and not given it another thought.

The problem is, this may seem like a minor issue, but it is not. This one oversight fundamentally dilutes the unique nature of each class. Replicating these spells creates a huge imbalance in our system, not just in PvP, but in the overall play cycle and in the experience of the game we spent so much time and energy crafting. If everyone can cast everything, what's the point of having classes at all? To borrow a phrase from The Incredibles, "When everyone's Super, then no one is." In my eyes, being able to mass produce a collection of class-restricted, high level spells for a trivial amount of gold falls pretty clearly into the category of stuff we should fix. And so, we are fixing it.

I certainly realize that you may not agree with this decision. Much
like a parent sometimes the "right" decision is not necessarily the most popular one. In this case, I recognize that some people will be unhappy with this fix. But as the director of the game, I have to look out for the health of the game as a whole. It's my call to make, and I stand by my decision. You may not agree, but I do hope you will understand."

~J. Todd Coleman

Ok, let me try and sum up what you just read: They didn't originally intend for us to be able to trade crafted cards because they wanted some spells to be school only spells. Thats why there are cards that don't drop from enemies. KI wanted there to be something special about each school, but if everyone can cast every spell, then what's the point in the different schools?

That's right, Syndrome. When everyone is super, no one is.

The special spells that were meant to be school-specific were really cool ones, like the lvl48's, Judgement, Satyr, Earthquake, Wildbolt (<--PvP will be better now), all the buffs, etc. PvP will be much better now, because only diviners will cast wild bolt, (we won't be beaten by n00bs with orthrus anymore ;D) and only life will be able to heal.

And once again, Balance will be brought back into the Spiral.

Because of this huge part of the update, about a week before it went live, I gave Emily some cards:

  • 1 Cyclops
  • 1 Humungofrog
  • 1 Orthrus
  • 1 Death Trap
  • 1 Ghoul
  • 1 Vampire
  • 4 Skeletal Pirate
  • 2 Wraith
  • 1 Scarecrow
  • 1 Strom Trap
  • 4 Wild Bolt
  • 1 Kraken
  • 4 Stormzilla
  • 9 Triton
  • 7 Storm Lord
  • 10 Judgement
  • 6 Krokotillian
  • 1 Locust Swarm
  • 8 Hydra
  • 25 Power Nova

Now, you're alll probably wondering, "Blaze, what the heckhound were you thinking, giving away all those cool cards?" Well, one of my very first posts was about how much I care about Emily, and how important our friendship is to me. Now, I'm almost a grandmaster (I dinged 49 the other day. I'll post some screenshots later.) I'm very confident in my casting abilities, I don't need any of those cards. My dad won't give me money for them in the bazaar. (He says it's against the rules. Otherwise he would take them, but Professor Drake would be very angry I:) So, why not give them to someone that can use them.

Now, I know Emily isn't a n00b (she knows a lot about the game) but she is at a low level still. I'm positive these cards will be of use to her, and I'm sure she'll save a Judgement as a sentimental thing. My last gift to her, you know? (I remember when I gifted her that bandit suit. And I'll be sure to gift her more items that she'd like, once I get more crowns.)

Again, I apologize for making such a lengthy post, but oh well.

I'm going to head over to the Spiral (I finished my science project finally.) until I have to head over to my 2nd house. ;D

Happy Gaming

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Pool Party

Hey everyone, the month is almost over so make sure you've voted on the poll! I'm heading over to Emily, Erica, Aunt Debbie, and Uncle Mike's house with David and Philly. We're having a BBQ and pool party. Most likely James and Jillian will be there too, so the whole crew will be there. ;D

No, I haven't set up an e-mail for TAS (The Awesome Sauce-erer) yet. But, I promise the next time that I post, I will tell you about the gift that I gave Emily, before the trading ability left (well enchanted cards anyway.)

In other news, Friendly made a list of all his pets and their talents today. So I'll be posting that link in the post where I talked about all his pets (as soon as I find it.) Kevin Battleblood (The Chillanthropologist) has set up a wonderful website where we can enter our pets talents. This will eventually be turned into a guide (like Ironhawk's guides over at the central) So, his blog is in my blogroll, be sure to check out the site and please enter the talent information of all your pets. Make sure you're accurate about the info (so our guide is 100% perfect.)

Thanks guys

Happy Gaming

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pets Go Live

Hey guys, the pets update has finally reached the live realm so we can all participate in this great new feature. I'm downloading the patch right now. All the new features are listed on the update history page. So be sure to check that out.

I was asked if I was good at writing. Well, I don't think I am, but a lot of people say that I am just fantastic at it. I absolutely despise writing assignments at school, so I don't really like writing too much. But when it's something that I enjoy to talk about, like Wizard101, then it's really fun for me. (Even more fun on the computer because I'm so fast at typing, (as many of you know from experience with trying to keep up with me in game) and can keep up with my thought process, whereas when I'm writing, it's harder to do that. (I write kinda slow, well slower than I think about stuff.)

I'm planning on doing a special feature on my best friend in the whole world, Emily! So, as soon as I set up an e-mail address for Blaze (which should be sometime very soon.) I'll let all of you know, so you can ask me questions about the game (or personal questions too) like Friendly does. The first thing I'll do when I get one set up, is have an interview with Emily. (Maybe there will be two Emily Griffinrider days a year...) Also one with Alyssa (she's Emily's sister [also a follower of this blog] in case you didn't know.) she's pretty awesomesauce too.

Yes, Emily, if Dakota had any way of contacting me, (other than Facebook, which he's NEVER on.) I would set up an interview with him also.

Well, I have to go test out these sick features. I hope you like them too.

Happy Gaming

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Storm Spell Idea

Hey, guess who left a comment on thsi very blog? BAILEY SKYSTAFF! (Mrs. Friendly Necromancer. :D) It's over on the "Level 48 Pet Combinations" post. (My most recent post.) She mentioned that her and Amber (The one, the only, Boogiewoman.) have been waiting anxiously for my storm spell idea. I'd like to deeply apologize to all the diviners out there that I've kept waiting.

My idea isn't very good, so I suppose that's mostly why I forgot to update the post, and tell you guys about it.

It's really nothing compared to the spells that storm students already know, but here it is anyway.

Hmm... now I have two ideas.

1) Vicious Storm - Clouds start to form over the battlefield. CRACK! A huge blot of lightning pierces the layer of clouds. Then another blot hits, closer to the targeted enemy. More bolts hit, quicker in succession, slower going from the player to the enemy. Then all is still...BAM! It hits the enemy dealing 800 damage for 8 pips. (I was saying 8 pips right?)

2) Lightning Rod - A stormy ocean appers on the battlefield. You see a small island in the distance. The camera slowly zooms in on it. It's the same island that the storm house is on, but there is only the tower. We see Triton jump out of the water and ZAP! sends a lightning bolt straight at the tower. (I have no idea why, just to look cool I guess.) The electricity is absorbed into the lightning rod. It crackles as the camera zooms in on it, so it is all that is on the battlefield, the tip of the tower and the rod. It then harnesses all the energy from the zap, the rod starts glowing and shaking. BOOM! It fires a bolt at all enemies dealing 600 damage for 8 pips.

Not very good right? Let me know what you think and:

Happy Gaming

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Level 48 Pet Combinations

It's seriously killing me now that I can't join in the fun on the test realm. Check this out! I mean, how much do you want these pets! I really want to see what Hydra and Seraph will create. Will it finally be the Our Lady Judgement pet that this sorcerer has always wanted? I sure hope so. Btw, if it IS, then it will be my trademark pet. (Yes, just like Lady Dexter and ALL Friendly's other pets. [I couldn't find the video he made showing all of his pets. I:])

Let me know if you guys find any cool info about pet combos that might interest me or Friendly (I'll pass it on to him if you want me to.)

Thanks guys!

Happy Gaming

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wizard Olympics 2010

Hey everyone, I was surfin' the net as usual, when I came across this event on My Diary of A Wizard. Looks like there is going to be a Wizard Olympics. Sounds pretty fun, eh? I'm definitely going to be participating, and I hope all of you will too!
There are the following events:

  • Dueling: "Dueling will be 1v1 (tournament style) and the good old no wild bolts, no treasure cards, and a new one that may disappoint some myth students is no cyclops minions. Also you may only use a Rank 7 Spell 5 Times. If team is watching you fight there shall be no coaching from the team. I also ask of being a good sport too."

  • Crafting: "We will be crafting an item that only master artisans can craft. I will decide which item we will do. This will probably be a very long event so please don't enter in this one if you know you can only play for like 30 min. You will be crafting at your house and craft 3 of the object and return to me and I will be in the commons with them. If you take longer then 3 hours and 15 minutes you are out. Again it will be tournament style with different items each time."

  • Racing: "You may enter this even with or with out a mount but I will not give handicaps to ones without mounts. You may not mark X before the race and teleport there and you will automatically be out. This isn't all about racing there is strategy in it too. Also you may not have someone with a mount and look exactly like you run and get really close to the end and then you teleport to him. Basically no teleporting. If you run into a monster then you fight it and keep going. The finish line is obvious because it is a dead end. This event will not be tournament style it will just be 1st 2nd and 3rd."

  • Speed Battling: "It is pretty much the same thing as dueling only though you cant beat it before the race set a X and teleport to it. This also will be 1st 2nd 3rd style."

and of course,

  • Wizard101 Trivia: "Nothing really to it its just like a trivia game show thing and this will again be 1st 2nd 3rd style"

Some futher info: There will be seven teams. (One for each school.) You can only participate in 4 of the 5 events. (I'm choosing to skip crafting.) The crafting seems pretty difficult. I'd probably end up running out of time trying to find the reagents. I'm excited for the reacing even though it always seems like you're winning on you're own screen, which will make it seem kinda weird. So I hope they will have more than one judge. (Hint hint!) The race will be held on Colossus Boulevard, so you'll clearly know where the finish line is. (I don't know where the start is. It better not be in the shopping district, because loading time would be a variable. (<- and not a good one.) You can use mounts, but there will be no handicap if you don't have one. (Of course I'll use Chester, ;D)

"Hey, Blaze, how did you get a picture of just Chester?" I used the invisible glitch, (I'll go into detail on that some other day. [You'll have to remind me though.]) while riding Chester.

I also have a secret weapon up my sleeve. (No, not a "Mark Spot." Something better! [And not against the rules.])

The speed dueling will be against in the Plaza of Conquests in Dragonspyre. (Yes, you can port there. Just make sure you have crowns if you're not subbed.) You'll be in you're teams of four and the 3 schools that finish first win.

The first event will be the dueling event. It will be on July 24, from 7:30 - 9:00 pm (Central Time I believe. I'll update this post when I find out.) In the arena on Unicorn Way obviously.

Here's a schedule I made. I'll make a widgit on the homepage with it. ;D (It's on the bottom of the sidebar.)


Event Schedule

Dueling: July 24th, 7:30 - 9:00 pm

Speed Battling: UNCONFIRMED





I hope you all decide to join me.

Happy Gaming

Monday, May 17, 2010

Finals Approach

Yo yo yo. (<--- New Greeting Right Thar! Hmm... maybe that should be next month's poll. "What should my greeting be?")

Ok, so I haven't been on W101 too much lately, but that's going to be even a lower amount of time very soon. Finals are coming up in school, and my grades aren't quite where I want them to be atm. Which means staying after for review sessions and studying with my friends.

Don't worry, it's not like I'm quitting forever (which unfortunately some people have done.) I'm just not going to be on too often.

I'm actually logging in right now, which will pwn.

I'm almost halfway done with the sidequests in MS (By halfway I mean area-wise, not quest numbers.) and by halfway I also mean, sort of almost kind of maybe possibly there is a chance of it. (If you could understand that you get +5 Brownie Points)

Well, my logging in is done. See you all later.

Happy Gaming

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Another Magic-Filled Day

Hello everyone, there's not too much to talk about today, but I suppose if there wasn't too much, then I wouldn't be making this post.

Today has been very fun so far.

When I went on W101 today, Emily and Alyssa were on. And after a while of talking, Emily and I discovered that she lives a few towns away from me. Isn't that awesomesauce right there?

This morning I watched the rest of 2012 with my dad. That was a fantastic movie. I really hope that all never happens irl though.

I just watched The Blind Side with my mom. That was also a great movie. I'm glad that there are still good-hearted people in the world.

If you're wondering where I was yesterday (which I'm sure you all are) I was over at David's because it was his birthday on Friday. (If you wish him a happy birthday in the comments, you get +10 Brownie Points ;D) I watched a movie with Philly too. It was called The Thaw. (It's a horror movie, so I suggest you not watch it if you get scared easily. There is some language in the movie, so make sure it's ok with your parents before watching it.) It's about a parasite that comes from a wooly mammoth that a scientist discoved that has thawed out of a glacier. The parasite gets a whole bunch of people infected obviously. I was a little freaked out because I'm very scared of bugs (much like the character, Federico, in the movie) but me and Philly turned the scary parts into funny parts, through the art of commentary.

I also finally finished a quest that has been bugging me since I left Mooshu: Fushiko. This quest was nearly impossible for me when I got it. At first I couldn't even beat the second candle mob, even with a potion after the first candle. I finally got to the boss fight but died quickly. I then just gave up on the quest and moved on. The only reason I even started the quest was to get the book in Fusiko's lair. Yes, I do the book quests. Of course I can't just port into the room through a friend that's already done the, I suppose you could call it an instance, because only one person can do it at a time because it's supposed to test our strength. (Clearly I wasn't strong enough.) Once I got partway through Dragonspyre, I tried again, still no. Now that I've beaten Malistaire, and gotten to level forty eight, I was finally able to beat her.

The weird thing about it was, that when I lit the second candle, the two ghosts appeared, but only one went into battle with me. This made the instance a whole lot easier because I got to fight them one at a time. Now, before you comment asking me "How the heck did you do that, Blaze?", let me tell you that I have absolutely no clue. I'm assuming it just wasn't within the "pull-in" range of the battle circle.

Yeah, I only had a little over 600 health left. But I was still able to pull the rug from under her. (Does that even work in this case?)

In other news, Emily got a new outfit, and leveled up to 14. This now means that in one level, she will be able to wear all new gear and purchase a castle and land. She doesn't really want a castle just yet because she's still pretty attached to her dorm. You all should see it, it's just gorgeous! I'll have to take some pictures of it and show you guys. It's so neat and organized. She calls it her library because there are 31 (let me know if I remember incorrectly, Emily) books in the room. (Emily loves to read, in case you couldn't tell.

And, finally, I was on twitter today, and found this picture posted by Merle. I've been told he has a mean right-hand swing. Better watch out KI!

I love how well KI puts the characters into the pictures and makes it look SO realistic! It's so inspiring for me (I love to use PhotoShop and image editing software, as you can tell from the few edits I've made [Eggbert's Vacation, and the Troll Drummer.])

I believe that's everything that I have to talk about...oops, I almost forgot. Tomorrow I'm going to be posting my idea for the storm lvl 58 spell. (I can't post it now because we're going over David's now.)

Happy Gaming

Thursday, May 13, 2010

My New Spell List

Ok, so I suppose you could say in honor of my 35th post, I'm sharing with you guys what I think the new spells should be.

Here are my ideas so far:


Polar Bear - A mound of snow being pelted by a blizzard appears on the battlefield. Out of nowhere a fierce polar bear slinks onto the fielde through the blizzard. BAM! THe polar bear punces onto the victim dealing around 600 for 8 pips.


Eruption - A black volcano sprouts out of the center of the field. The entire battle field rumbles. WOOOSH! Lava comes spewing straight up from the volcano. It lands down on each enemy dealing 700 for 8 pips.

Storm: (I have two)

Vicious Storm - Clouds start to form over the battlefield. CRACK! A huge blot of lightning pierces the layer of clouds. Then another blot hits, closer to the targeted enemy. More bolts hit, quicker in succession, slower going from the player to the enemy. Then all is still...BAM! It hits the enemy dealing 800 damage for 8 pips. (I was saying 8 pips right?)

Lightning Rod - A stormy ocean appers on the battlefield. You see a small island in the distance. The camera slowly zooms in on it. It's the same island that the storm house is on, but there is only the tower. We see Triton jump out of the water and ZAP! sends a lightning bolt straight at the tower. (I have no idea why, just to look cool I guess.) The electricity is absorbed into the lightning rod. It crackles as the camera zooms in on it, so it is all that is on the battlefield, the tip of the tower and the rod. It then harnesses all the energy from the zap, the rod starts glowing and shaking. BOOM! It fires a bolt at all enemies dealing 600 damage for 8 pips.

Myth: (I also have two)

Werewolf - A misty dead forest grows on the playing field. You hear a howl in the distance. You see a chadow pass by quickly. Out of the center of the forest a wolf leaps out onto the enemy, dealing 500 for 8 pips.

Lion - A Colloseum (sp?) appears out of the doors bashes a chained lion. The lion roars, breaking the chains. It growls, and charges at the enemy. It deals 500 for 8 pips.


Poison Ivy / Thorn Madness - A spiked thorn pierces out of the battlefield. You see two more. More keep growing until the field is tangled with them. One gigantic one comes out and wraps around all the enemies, dealing 250 per turn, healing 250 to all players, per turn for 3 rounds, for 8 pips.


Gargoyle - An old cathedral comes out of the center of the field. On the tip you see an ancient gargoyle. It breaks out of it's stone casing, leaps off the building and flys at the enemy, dealing 650 damage for 8 pips.


Chaos - A cloaked figure poofs onto the field. He winks at the caster and snaps his fingers. All traps on players turn to shields, and all shields on enemies turn into traps. (The traps / shields would be worth the same percentage, so for example, an 80% ice shield on an enemy would become an 80% ice trap. The cloaked figure would look exactly like on the Cloak treasure card. I haven't seen the animation for this, as I don't want to get rid of my only Cloak card, so I don't know if the figure on the card is even use in the animation. Please let me know if you've ever seen the animation for Cloak.)

That's all I've come up with so far. I have an idea for the storm one but I still need to figure it out.

If my damage amounts seem a little unfair, please let me know. I have no idea how much each school should be doing, I just came up with the spells.

Happy Gaming

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Celestia Artwork Part 3

x Yawn x

I just got up from an hour-long nap. I guess I was more tired than I thought. I was taking a break from my homework and BAM! It was time for supper. (My Mommy woke me up :D)

Anyway, back to the important stuff. So, Friendly and the other bloggers, but me, got a new wallpaper update. Here it is:

So, this littlef crab-man is brown, not red like the other one. It seems like he is friendly, so like Friendly said, it's probably a minor NPC. (A character in the game.)

Yes, I promised to put up my spell list for lvl 58 or whatever level the new spells will be at. But, I still have a few finishing touches to add to the descriptions. No, I don't really have time to make pictures of what they look like because

  1. I'm not very artistic (starting a new piece of art. I'm good at re-doing things that already exist. I need a reference better than my imagination, at least until I get a little better at getting all my ideas out onto the paper, and get a little more style of my own.)
  2. I just don't have that kind of time.

So, I'll put those up as soon as I can.

In other news, I'm now part of the level 10 club in Moshi Monsters (link in sidebar.)

Look how happy he was when he leveled up. ^

Guys, if you want to start a Moshi Monster please use this link:

In the bottom right of the screen it will say "Not a member? Adopt Now." Click on that sign and we will both get extra rox (the currecny in Monstro City.) It's really a very fun game. You can read about it more here.

Happy Gaming

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Power Nova

Yeeeha! I did the last spell quest in the game (At least until Celestia... I'll make my new spell list tomorrow ;D) Two days ago I leveled up thanks to the Fabulous:


x hold for applause x

w00t! "I LOVE YOU LILI... x mumbles x even though your a dirty good for nothing traitor..."

So here's my current stats:

Yeah, I'm pretty excited about 50% Power Pip!

So, I ported home and got the Tutorial Tip (Everytime I say "tutorial tip" I hear it in Gamma's voice, per the tip for n00bs. If you said that in Gamma's Voice you get +25 Brownie Points!)

I'm not going to post all my screenshot of the questline, but along the way I met what looks like what a death troll spell would look like:

You can't tell from this picture, but he had glowing read eyes...spooky!

Of course, I easily pulled the rug from under him!

(You can see the red eyes there^)

So I got the Harmonious Crystal from the Necropolis, and moved on to fight the Plague Oni, and put his essence into the crystal because he can have a deadly disease, but not die. (PERFECT BALANCE! [yes, that is a flash game...])

I had some intense help from my good buddy, Eric Hawkdreamer, and Talon SpiritThief (Angel DragonGem [not the one from YouTube] is his life wizard, which is where I met him. So, I still call him Angel ;D)

Of course we pulled the rug from under Ideyoshi, as well.

Then, with a bruised tailbone, he turned into the Plague Oni.
Of course, we got a picture together before the battle.

So, Eric and I "Oni Vs Oni" 'ed this guy:

I filled up my crystal with the plague,

and then stopped over at Jared's to have it set. (He did a fabulous job btw!)

Oh Blaze, you shouldn't have...

Then, Good Ol' Alhazred made me smash the "One In A Million" piece of jewlery in front of the Krokosphinx because I "have to give something to get something of equal value" or something along those lines.

Then, Our Lady Judgement came and granted me the Power Nova spell. Alhazred rewarded me with the "Master of Balance" badge and a nifty Hydra pet, Princess Roxy.

Here's a nice picture of me with my new badge and Roxy equipped:

Sorry this is such a lengthy post, but I'm just really excited about finally becoming a Master of Balance. Yeah, the n00bs will be flooding me with friend requests, but that's why it's a privacy option.

I have to go now, we're going out with David's family for Mother's Day.

Happy Gaming

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Quick Post With A Surprise Tomorrow

Hey guys, I'm just getting ready to go out with my whole family for dinner. I just wanted to let you know that I'm still alive, and I'll be making my big surprise post tomorrow ok?

I wasn't able to make it today because I was working on my science project. I'm going to find out what I got on my history paper on Monday.

Talk to you tomorrow.

Happy Gaming

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Harriet, When are you posting?

Fast foreward to about 00:32

That's what most of you want to ask me. ;D

I've just been really busy lately, and I hate it. XD

So yesterday I went with my friends to the library to hang out and "do homework" Ok, you got me, there wasn't too much homework-ing going on. But, we had fun. Yes, I could've been a diligent blogger and posted there, but to be honest it slipped my mind.

I hope you're all having a fun week. I know I am. On Monday, I hid in my friend, Kaleigh's, locker. It was hilarious. (Yes, my friends, Dana, Melissa, and Saadiya [We call her "Soap", "Saad-bob", and "Saadaas" sometimes. Long story, maybe someday I'll explain it.] were outside her locker making sure I was ok in there. It's surprisingly roomy in there. (No, kids don't try this at home.) When she opened the locker she didn't even notice I was in there until she tried putting her stuff in and it would fit. Then of course, she screamed and jumped back 20 feet.

I think that's all the exciting things to talk about for today.

Happy Gaming

Monday, May 3, 2010

Monthly Poll 2

Hey guys, yesterday's post was definitely my longest one...yet! It gives me something to try and outdo. ;D

Anyway, today's post won't be as long because it's a POLL FOLLOW UP!

x Catchy Jingle Plays x

Ok, so last month's question was...

What's your wizard's school?

Here's the results folks!

x Drum Roll Plays x

  1. Life
  2. Balance & Ice tied for 2nd
  3. Death
  4. Storm
  5. Myth
  6. Fire

I came in 2nd/1st place! w00t! Thanks for entering!

x Catchy Ending Music Plays x

But wait! There's MORE!

This month's poll is...

x Drum Roll Plays x


x Silence x

Thank you!

Silly trolls...

Anyway, the question for this month is:

What is/was the scariest game area for you as a n00b?

  • Nightside
  • Sunken City
  • The Krokatopia Grand Arena
  • The Djesrit / Ahnic Tombs
  • Kensington Park x Shudder x
  • Big Ben
  • The Tree of Life
  • The Necropolis
  • The Labyrinth
  • Malistaire's Lair
  • All of Dragonspyre
  • I'm not scared of anything! (Except for PvP...)

You can take scary to mean the environment or the enemies / bosses there.

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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Best Day Ever!

Wake up in the morning, I met boo-giiiiie
Guess who ported? It was Friend-llllyyyy

Yeah, that's right! Yesterday Boogiewoman and I planned to meet up on Wizard101.

Mister Tyson was pretty excited, huh? So was I!

XD So, we went over to my wizard house, to show her around. She loved the stairs! (Doesn't everyone? ;D)

She then said that she brought a surprise for me. I figured it was a pair of those Seraph Wings that taunt me so. It was a surprise far better than those silly things will ever be!

A very special person ported in.

Yeah, it was Friendly!!! Man, my jaw hit the floor! I screamed! I was so excited! I mean, you follow this person for so long (not like a stalker...) and then you become so connected with them. And, when you actually meet them, it's just the best feeling in the entire Spiral. I couldn't stop smiling the entire day.

So, we went around my house, Friendly says it's better than his! I honestly don't believe that. My little villa is bestuffed with liquid fun though. ;D (I swear that liquid fun thing is from one of Friendly's posts, but I can't seem to find it. I: x shrug x)

Friendly had to leave for a few minutes to go help someone. So Amber showed me around her houses. (Yeah, plural!) She has the WC house, and mansion, and the storm house. (Kyle has the life one XD) They're all pretty empty, so there's pleanty of room to add more awesomesauce! She's pretty excited to start filling them up, so they look more house-ey.

After going through the houses, she asked if I had any quests to do atm. I obviously said yes (Busy busy Blaze) and we went off to fight Herkir. Yeah, pretty pathetic to call for help on. But, I did try to solo him...once. I was defeated right before I was going to get him. I absolutely hate it when that happens. (I think I actually started going to do the sidequests after that defeat.) Anyway, while Amber and I were getting ready to go in, guess who came back? That's right! Friendly!

So, then we all went in to fight Herkir and won, thanks to Friendly's Scarecrow. (Speaking of the Scarecrow spell, I was flipping through Friendly's older posts, and found this one. He was in the test realm, trying out the new lvl 48 spells. The quest for Scarecrow looks pretty easy. (I'm not looking foreward to the Power Nova quest. I:)

In other news, Friendly gave me an insider tip that we won't be able to trade enchanted cards after the new patch. So make / trade while you still can. (There goes the treasure card business I started a while ago. XD Actually I stopped that after a week, I got tired of it.)

I bet you're wondering why this post is so late, huh? Because I've been doing my History project like a good little sorcerer. ;D

(If you read the whole post before the music stopped you get +15 Brownie Points!)

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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Surprise Tomorrow

Hi everyone, I just got home from David's tonight. I'm going to make a very exciting awesomesauce post tomorrow which will leave you with your jaw dropped. (As I was when it happened to me.) I really need to go to bed right now. I'll talk to you as soon as I can tomorrow.

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