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Friday, September 10, 2010

Monthly Poll 4 and 5, Celestia Artwork Part 12, and Selena Gomez

Hey guys, not dead. Just busy. Busy busy Blaze, yeah yeah.

Now, for the good stuff.

The Monthly Poll. One of the many things that got pushed aside. Here we go.

The Monthly Poll from July was:

Who is your favorite teacher?

And here's Drumroll Troll with the results!

x drumroll x

  • Arthur Weathersfield - 18% (3 votes) / Dworgyn - 18% (3 votes) / Dalia Falmea - 18% (3 votes)
  • Sylvia Drake - 12% (2 votes)
  • Headmaster Ambrose - 6% (1 vote) / Lydia Greyrose - 6% (1 vote) / Halston Balestrom - 6% (1 vote) / Cyrus Drake - 6% (1 vote) / Moolinda Wu - 6% (1 vote)
  • Alhazred - 0% (No votes) / Malistaire Drake - 0% (No votes)

There you have it folks.

Now for the next two questions.


What are you most excited for in Celestia?

  • New Areas
  • New Teachers
  • New Enemies / Bosses
  • New Spells
  • New Story
  • More Insider Info From Blaze

I think it's obvious which one will win. ;D

And for September:

Is Blaze Posting Enough?

  • No Way! We Need WAY More Posts!
  • Of course! Stupid Poll! He was just in a car crash and he's in high school now! Give him a break!
  • He's doing fine
  • Whatever works for him.
  • I honestly don't care.

Ok, on to our next topic.

The Celestia Reveal. (I know I'm leaving out one, but this is the latest one.)

(As always, click to make bigger)

Wow, so much to talk about. Two new little guys. The Angler Baby, and Cute Little Starfish Boy. KingsIsle said that one is an enemy and one is a pet. I do believe that according to my previous theorycrafting, that would mean that Angler Baby is the enemy and Cute Little Starfish Boy is our new Celestian pet. Sounds awesomesauce!

Also added to the picture is the helm of a sunken ship. On the front is an eerie looking mermaid. x shudder x Celestia will most definitely be awesome.

Last but CERTAINLY not least is my favorite thing EVAR! A very special someone has come to the Spiral. That's right! Selena Gomez!

Check out this video. It even shows two of the new spells. (One that's either Balance or Sun [That bird guy is Horus the Egyptian God of the Sun] and one that is Fire or Myth. Not sure) Enjoy:

I know! It's so exciting! We get to help her on a quest. (Must be at least Lvl 6. No membership / crowns required!) We get to go to a cool new area called Crab Alley by jumping into the water on Triton Avenue. We get to sing with Selena and help her out with her new CD. By completing the quest line, we get two super cool item rewards!

A framed picture of Selena and a statue of Selena. And everyone who completes the quest will be entered in a contest to win a signed poster of Selena! This is going to be FANTASTIC! (I hope I win!) But, there's one catch! Selena won't be staying in the Spiral forever. She is busy and needs to work on her music and Wizards of Waverly Place. So, this will be a limited time only quest. So, here's some pictures from Bailey Skystaff (Mrs. Friendly) of the quest on the Test Realm.

Yup, click on those to make them bigger and read the text and see awesomesauce and such. Big head nod to Bailey for those. Thanks so much!

Don't forget, tomorrow night is the Cast A Change party.

We're meeting up in the Life Tower, Dryad 1. Arlen Dawneyes, Kestrel Shadowthistle, and I are very excited and hope to see you all there.

Sorry about the big delay on this post.

Happy Gaming

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Cast A Change

The time is here. The final details for the party of the year. With help from Arlen Daweyes and Kestrel Shadowthistle, I present to you, the Cast A Change party!

(Yes I made the logo. ;D)

This party is to help promote taking good care of the environment. I named it "Cast A Change" because everyone can make a difference in the world no matter how small it may seem. ("Cast" because we're wizards, but you could figure that out on your own, right?)

The party will be taking place at not only Kestrel's Life House, but also Arlen's new Marleybone Mansion, and my Balance House. (Maybe I can take you to my Desert Villa to show you all The Stairs v1.0 If you all behave, we'll see. ;D)

We're going to be having "port bus" waves every so often so you will be able to come join the party. For those who don't know, a port bus is a person (typically one of the hosts) that stays in the meeting location (in this case, the Life Tower) and goes back and forth between the house holding the party, and the meeting location, allowing guests to port. I don't know the times for the buses just yet, but we will notify you all when we figure it out.

Here's a the poster that I made on Glogster. (You can click on the videos to play them without leaving this page. Click on the pictures of Alren, Kestrel or Me, to go to the respective blog.) Please, pass this poster on to all your W101 friends. We can make a difference in the world.

Thank you all so much! I hope everyone in the entire Spiral can come. The Earth needs our help. I know we can help out in some way.

Recycle, Use a water bottle instead of buying plastic ones, use both sides of a piece of paper, there are so many ways. I hope you all try your best to help out and teach your family and friends how to also.

Thank you again. I'll keep you updated with info about the party.

Happy Green Gaming