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Friday, April 30, 2010

Apologies & Party

Hi guys, sorry I didn't get to post yesterday. I have two projects that I have to do for school, (Science, and History, in case you were wondering,) and I really need to work on those. History is due next Friday, and Science is due in the middle of next month, but it's a big project, that requires a lot of work. My mind is just bestuffed (word courtesy of Friendly here) with all the things that I need to do.

So, tonight my Mom, David's mom, and his Aunt Debbie, are going ou tshopping together, while Aunt Debbie's two girls, Emily and Erica, and niece and nephew, James and Jillian, Aunt Debbie's parents, her husband, Uncle Mike, David, his dad, my dad, and myself, party over at Aunt Debbie's parent's house.

I always have fun being with them, so I'm pretty excited. David's dad is picking my dad and me up in a few minutes, so I have to go right now.

Happy Gaming

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Pet Pavillion

YES! Finally KI made an announcement about the test realm. They released a video about the all-new pet update! It's going to be EPIC! The addition will include:
  • The ability to set our pets free in our castles and lands.
  • Get our pets excercise in the Pet Derby (looks like a racing game. ALL NEW PVP TYPE w00t! Friendly will love that!)
  • Buy or craft treats to make our pets happy.
  • Let them have some fun with minigames. (I don't know if they are making all new pet-exclusive mingames, or it our pets can help us in the existing games...Dueling Diego with an imp? WIN!)
  • Create new pets with the "magic of hatching." (In other words, we can breed our pets. I assume there will be a "No breeding a bred pet." rule. For example, you can't breed a cylops/storm hound with an imp. But, you can breed a cyclops with a storm hound. Like the one I made (shown below.)
  • Watch as our pets cast their own spells in battle.

Yeah, it's a pretty bad edit, I know. I just threw it together in a few minutes.

In order to be able to access these sweet new features after you defeat Sergeant Skullsplitter on Triron Avenue, (Someone will correct me if I'm wrong.) and hit lvl 7. The Pet Pavillion will be accessed through a tunnel in the commons. I have no idea where they can fit one though. Maybe over by the fairgrounds, near the Smith.

In other news, I got a nice surprise when I checked my e-mail today. Turns out Autumnal Dusk, that's right Friendly, the Autumnal Dusk (She runs Homework In A Graveyard. I'll put the link in the sidebar.) is following me on Twitter! w00t! I'm pretty excited! I mean, Friendly and his daughter (Is Amber her real name?, I'm not sure.) both read my blog. (I'm not sure about Kyle.), but this is my second W101 blogger that is going to be reading my blog and following me (not stalker-like though. XD)

Well Autumn, welcome, I hope you enjoy it over here in AwesomeSauceLand!

I think that's everything.

Happy Gaming

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Comment Diet?

The only thing that I can really talk about today is something that's bothering me. I mean, that's a great thing about blogs! You can rant all you want!

So, I'm pretty annoyed by the fact that there are 0 comments on my last, oh let's say 5 posts!


(The fuming is from here)

(If you read through all the fumes I sincerely congratulate you! [ you get +5 Brownie Points for saying them out loud with an angry face/voice!])

Yeah, Emily and Alyssa aren't even commenting. (Granted, they're the only ones that do, but still. It's a little frustrating.)

I really hope they comment soon, so I know they're not dead. XD

Happy Gaming

Monday, April 26, 2010

Celestia Artwork Part 2

w00t! Another surprise from Friendly, today!

Looks like he was given an updated version of the Celestia concept art!

That's pretty exciting news. I mean it's been quite a long time since they gave us the first one. I hope it won't be this long between artwork updates. I:

So, the crab that they filled in, looks pretty annoyed. I'm going to guess he'll be a street enemy like in Friendly's breakdown of world concept art:

I think that Friendly's probably dead on (no pun intended) with his examination. :D Nice job, bud!

I believe that's all there really is to talk about today. x thinks x Yup, that's all.

Happy Gaming

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Twitter Feed

Hey, just made a twitter page for The Awesome Sauce-erer. I put the twitter widget at the bottom of the page, above the poll, and I put the link in the sidebar.

Please check it out. I hope you like it.

Happy Gaming

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Blaze Is Back

Hey, I missed you guys SO much!

It's great to be back home and out of the little hotel room. I had a great time with my parents and two dogs, so we're gonna go again next year. w00t!

I had 72 new e-mails when I got home tonight at 6:30-ish. Phew, glad I got all those out of the way. But, I'm still not quite done with everything I have to do now.

In other news, Mrs. Friendly (Bailey Skystaff) hit lvl 50 yesterday! Congratulations Bailey! I'm so proud of you. You've came so far since heck froze over. XD. Looks like you got a pretty awesomesauce screen right there:

Once again, I've got a lot of catching up to do with my friends, and I'm really glad to be home.

Now you can:

Game Happily?

Ah, whatever.

Happy Gaming

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Hey guys, it's pretty late for me to be posting, but I just wanted to let you all know that I'm going on vacation tomorrow morning until Saturday afternoon. So, I won't be making any posts until then, as I don't have a laptop. Unless I could make mobile posts... but odds are there won't be any wi-fi at the hotel that we're staying at. If there is, I'll be sure to let you all know.

See you Saturday. Well, I suppose I won't see you exactly. It's more of a talk to you, but you get the idea.

Happy Gaming

Meet My Wizards

Hey guys, today, like I said, I'm going to introduce you to my other wizards.

First up, it's Tyler Stormspear:

He's a pretty laid-back, chill dude. He is the cousin of Blaze, Myrna, and Samantha. He can't wait to learn Tempest so he can cast one on Myrna.

Next is Samantha Unicornsong:

Everyone's favorite cousin of Blaze's, Samantha, is the nicest wizard you'll ever meet. She enjoys rainbows, unicorns, butterflies, and picnics, and well, everything! (Except bats! Her sister, Myrna makes sure she remembers that.) When Samantha meets a new friend she will sing How D'ye Do and Shake Hands. She prefers to be called Sam. She has two pets, Princess Cassie, the firecat, and Princess Precious, the evil snowman (snowwoman?) Sam will compliment you on almost everything you do. She always loves your outfit, and is in general a Happy-Go-Lucky wizard.

Unlike her sister, Myrna Deathheart, who is her complete opposite:

Blaze's other cousin, Myrna, enjoys ... well, nothing that Sam likes, so she likes bats, spiders, the usual death-wizard stuff. Except Myrna is far worse than any other necromancer you've EVER met! Myrna has a very short temper, and will easily explode if you say something remotely offensive to her. She will often threaten, swear at, and cast curses on you. Myrna was once a grandmaster necromancer, but got punished for being so cruel to other wizards and is now a n00b for all eternity (or at least until she levels up a bit.)

I hope you enjoyed this introduction to all of my other wizards. Maybe once they level up more, we can have another look at them, and see how much they've progressed.

Happy Gaming

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

How To Train Your Dragon

Hey, so today at 12:00, Philly and I went to the movie theater with my mom to go see How To Train Your Dragon. It was a great movie. I'm over at David's house right now, trying to explain to Philly what the "plot" of my blog is. Rofl. Such a n00b.

He, like David, finds Wizard101 stupid. He even tried it. He was a fire wizard, and apparently after 5 minutes he got "bored."

x sigh x

Ten year-olds. You can never please them.

x shrug x

So anyway, the movie was fantastic! I really enjoyed it. If you haven't seen it yet, you definitely should right away.

So, the pet of the day is good ol' Flappy. (The lightning bat, for all those who don't follow Friendly's blog. x grumble grumble x) Yeah, poor Friendly doesn't have any lightning bats. I wish I had one that I could let him BS (Bazaar Snipe XD.)

So, I probably won't be able to go on Wiz101 today. As, I'll probably be staying at David's till 11:00 once again. So much for getting a good sleep tonight. Oh, well.

My mom says I should get one because she says that I sound really sick, but I feel perfectly fine.

Also, this morning, while getting ready to go pick up Philly, from David's house, this song from Alice In Wonderland, was stuck in my head. It's called "How D'ye Do And Shake Hands." You can fast foreward to around 00:38. That's where the song begins. The video also include the story of The Walrus and The Carpenter. (That's my favorite part of the entire movie.)

Cause that's manners. Maybe tomorrow I can play Button Button Who's Got The Button with Alyssa, and Emily. That would be fun! :D

Yeah, this song was stuck in my head because yesterday I was playing on my other wizards (I'll introdce them tomorrow ;D) and one of them, Samantha, is very nice, and Alyssa was introducing me to some of her friends, so I started singing this wonderful song. XD

Have a nice day and:

Happy Gaming

Monday, April 19, 2010

Level 47

Yuppers, I finally hit lvl 47. I was in Chelsea Court, or maybe it was Newgate Prison...No, it was Chelsea Court. I don't know what exactly did it for me. I was questing, and I just did one for David Beeman. (I then needed to defeat 8 gearheads.) Then while I was fighting the gearheads, I looked down at my quest bar and BAM! It was only a half a section full! I had done it! I finally made it one level higher! No, I wasn't able to get a screenshot. (Remember, I didn't even notice until it was already a half section in?) Thanks Mr. Beeman!

Super sorry I didn't make a post yesterday. I was, you could say babysitting, but that would be inaccurate. You see, David (That's the friend that I've talked about countless times. Our families are very close. His relatives are my relatives too. It's a great connection that our families have. As a matter of fact, we're going bowling tonight with his cousins.)

Anyway, David's family was going to a cousin's club meeting yesterday, and David's cousin, Philly, is staying for the week. (He came down on Friday night for the big birthday party [I know, again, a LOT of birthdays in David's family] on Saturday.) He's allergic to dogs, so he couldn't go to the meeting. So, being the nice guy I am, I stayed over at David's house for the day, to be with Philly, so he wasn't by himself. (He's 10. Think what could happen O. o)

I know, David has a ton of computers, but honestly my blog wasn't even on my mind yesterday. Ridiculous, I know. Shame shame, I know your name. (That's from The Goonies. I say that a lot, when someone does something wrong XD)

Have a great day!

Oh, before I forget, Friendly wrote a very motivational post today, about how we should stand up for ourselves when people say Wizard101 is a "kid's game." Check it out!

Happy Gaming

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Hey, today Friendly wrote a very insightful post on the complexity of Wizard101.

I can definitely agree with what he is saying. Dragonspyre really felt a little too easy. I mean it was the final main-story world. It was supposed to be in ruins, it should have been a lot more complicated to get through, and maze-like. Like in Marleybone. x shudders x Once I finish the side quests I missed, I'm never going back to MB. I really hated it. But, that's beside the point. I felt really lost at times and actually forgot I had a map. Like Dora would say: "Who do we ask, when we don't know which way to go?" Silly Dora, maps are for kids!

Anyway, I think Dragonspyre really should've been more complex, and hopefull Celestia will make up for that. I agree, the quest helper is VERY useful at times, but we, as wizards, need to learn to explore more. Yes, Zeke is definitely helping us with that, but I think it needs to be incorporated more into the core-game.

At one point in Dragonspyre, right after completing The Crucible, I said out loud "That's it?" I really thought it was far too little quests for just one area. Not to mention a HUGE area.

I think that Celestia shouldn't just be a silly little 3-3 world like DS. There was far more they could do with it. It's a shame they can't take it back, like Friendly talked about. (If you don't know what a 3-3 world is, I believe Friendly's diagrams will help you out.)

Hopefully KingsIsle won't dissapoint with the release of Celestia.

Happy Gaming

Friday, April 16, 2010

I'm A Raffle Winner

Oh my gosh! Well, let me start off by saying that the Cow Invasion has begun! (People always call vacation "vaca" and that's cow in Spanish.) The cows will leave and go back to Mooshu on the 26th, so the invasion is pretty long and awesome!

Today when I got home, I went on the computer and read Friendly's newest post:

I figured, (as I normally do when I've entered a contest and the results are in) "oh well, maybe I'll win next time." or something of the sort, read the winners, and move on.

But, today was different. I scrolled down past the first few winners, and BAM! 5,000 gold: 1. BLAZE SILVERFIST! I was so excited! This is only the second contest I've ever won! (The first being a Nestle: Scooby Do Push-Up Pops lifetime supply contest.)

The contests I win seem to always be the ones that are like "Ah, what the heck. I'll enter, and if I don't win, so what?"

5,000 gold. Man, that's so exciting! I'm just speechless right now.

Friendly said he's gonna send the codes to our e-mail addresses. So, I'll have a nice surprise when I go check my e-mail.

Thanks so much, Friendly!

Hapy Gaming

Thursday, April 15, 2010

New Monitor, New Friend

Hey, so today, when I got home from school (No homework AGAIN! Isn't that so awesome?!?!) I turned my computer on so I could do all the stuff I do everyday before playing Wizard101. My monitor goes on normally, then everything is an extremely dark shade, like if someone put, well I'll use photoshop talk here, a layer filled with black over the image, and had it on a very high opacity, so you could barely see.

It was very weird. I mean, recently my monitor flashed a slightsly darker shade, but this was far worse than that. So, I was able to stumble around and find my virus scanner, and start a scan. I called my dad at work, and he said to just turn the monitor off until he got home. Obviously I listened to my dad, the computer EXPERT!

When he got home, he looked at it, and he said nothing seemed wrong with the computer, and the virus scan came up negative. So, he brought up a spare monitor from downstairs and we plugged that in, and my computer worked fine.

Luckily I had a new monitor that I got for my birthday last year (actually maybe it was Christmas. It's hard to remember, they're both really close together, as you might already know.) So, we hooked it up, and we're getting rid of the old one. This one is probably twice the size, and it even has a t.v. setting! The picture is a lot better. I have yet to try Wizard101 but, I'm sure it will be EPIC!

That's really all the news there is today, other than the fact that Friendly is having a crown contest. (Check out his blog, it's the most recent post as of now.) Also, I'm like best friends with his daughter (she goes by boogiewoman) whom I met on Moshi Monsters. (I'll add the link to the sidebar.)

Happy Gaming

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Monthly Poll & Unicorn Day

So, Friendly's pet of the day today is the unicorn! I thought I'd share one of my favorite flash games with you guys.

It's called Robot Unicorn Attack. It's really fun! You play as a robot unicorn who has special rainbow dash powers, and you have to dash through the crystal stars, and collect rainbow butterflies along the way. It's pretty addicting.

Before you click that link, I'd advise adult supervision, as adult swim has some pretty inappropriate stuff on it too. Just trying to keep everyone safe, here.

Also, some of you may have noticed on the bottom of my blog, there is now a poll. Yup, once a month, I'm going to ask you, the viewers, a question, and all you have to do is make sure you answer it. On the first of every moth, I'll go over the results and post a new question for you guys.

This month, it's "What's your wizard's school?" Please only answer for your first wizard. I don't need all 6 wizards' schools. XD That's way to much info for me to handle. I also want you guys to include your secondary and tertiary schools. That only means what schools you spend you training points in. I spent mine all the way through the ice school and I used the rest for the life school. (Of course, I'm saving some for Celestia's astral schools.) If you use a quadriary (is that even a word?) school, please don't include it in the poll, as it will make it harder to read the results. Thanks guys.

Have a great day, and as always:

Happy Gaming

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Blue Screen of Death

Hey, so today I had no homework. So, when I got home I had the last few chocolate bunnies from Easter (the little Russell Stover ones that come in a pack of 16. I love those!) and watched T.V. for a few minutes. Then I went over on Moshi Monsters (I'll put a link in the sidebar) and did my daily stuff on that. Then I went on here to do an entry while Wizard101 was loading up. Then of course the blue screen of death pops up:

"Beginning dump of physical memory" I immediately freak out. I mean, I have all my photoshop stuff, pokémon F.I.R.M's (Fusions, Inversions, Recolors, and Mixes), my movies, my pictures, pretty much everything on here. I scream, my mom comes running in, and we unplug my computer, because it wasn't shutting down like it said it was. I tried pressing the power button, and that didn't work, so we just ripped the cord out.

I had my dad look at it, and he says eveything looks fine. The thing that made it even more scary was that the blue screen image was off to the left maybe two inches, which made it look a little illegitimate.

x shrug x

If my dad says it's ok, then it's definitely ok.

Hope this never happens to any of you guys.

Happy Gaming

Monday, April 12, 2010

No Luck

Hey, so I didn't win the contest. :(

x shrug x

Turns out the "I teach you the spells and to care for your pets, in leather I'm bound and low I am found" one was a silly book in the library called "Basic Wizardry and Proper Care for Familiars". I thought it was the spellbook. I mean it's in the bottom right corner of our screen, it's leather, it has a spell deck section, and an inventory to equip your pets. Apparently I was completely wrong. I mean nowhere do we ever use this book (Turns out ol' Merle has a copy too.) I mean, who says "familiars" means pets, it could mean our fellow wizards. Also, how would we even know it was there if it was never mentioned in any quests.

There were some pretty pathetic entries also. (I won't name any usernames just to be fair.) One guy, thought the book one was Mortis, the death tree. O. o I mean really? Since when are trees made of leather and low to the ground. Also, when has Mortis mentioned ANYTHING about pets?

Am I pretty sad I lost, because of one dang question, and my answer worked better anyway? Of course. Can I do anything about it? No. Would I have won if I had all the right answers? Probably. Why am I asking you these questions? Who knows.

Btw, Alyssa, you would've been able to get all the answers. The contest was fair, and had all the answers in Wizard City F2P (Free to Play) areas. Sorry I wasn't able to tell you sooner.

Have a nice week.

Happy Gaming

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Wizard101 Central Contest

Hey, sorry I didn't get to post yesterday. It was pretty crazy. I woke up pretty late yesterday, then I had to go to my piano recital at 3:00 (Which I totally pwned). Then when that was over, we stopped home to get my dad, and then we went right to my friend's house (yup same friend, he's coming home from vacation today, so we'll probably end up going there again tonight :D) for his grandma's birthday. Yeah there's a lot of birthdays in his family, as it's a big Jewish family, so everyone's really close, and nice. It's so much fun going over there.

So, today brings a special contest over at the central (
from MeCatz. You have to search throughout WizardCity and take a screenshot of the answer to the clever riddles that MeCatz has come up with.

I won't put up the pictures that I submitted until the contest is over. (10:00 pm Central Time tonight)

Good luck with the contest guys!

Happy Gaming

Friday, April 9, 2010

Got The Gaga

Hey, so today they finally released the sale of the Lady Gaga, Monster Ball tickets!

Yeah, the concert where I live (was going to be in January) was post-poned, because of the whole fainting at the show before because of dehydration thing. End of story? Not a chance!

So then in March, the concert rescheduling was cancelled. I ranted on my wall, I ranted on my friends' walls, and I posted a thread discussion about on Lady G's page.

So, it was recently announced that the rescheduling was back on (clearly due to fan rants) and the concert is now in September. (I got the first tickets as a B-day present last year from my Mom and Dad (LOVED IT!)

So, today while I was at school, my amazing Mommy, found the time in her busy schedule to purchase 3 tickets again. (One for me, her, and my friend's sister) She then texted me @ during history class to tell me "Got Gaga." XD

It's going to be SO much fun!

As for info about Wiz101, I have none atm.

Talk to you guys tomorrow.

Happy Gaming

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hello, Blaze Pinkeye

Hey, so there's absolutely nothing to post about today.

Other than the fact that doing side quests all the way back in KT is SUPER boring. Oh look I got 5xp. The good thing though is that it will help me get to lvl 50 and get Power Nova.

In other news, I have the infamous, Pink Eye.

Yup, today I'm not Blaze Silverfist, I'm Blaze Pinkeye. My eye is SO itchy and red. I hate it.

The doctor gave me some drops to put in it 4 times a day. Yeah, 4 times. That's a lot. I can barely count that high.

I put up the Celestia artwork picture. I'll make new posts as Friendly gets it filled in. Enjoy.

Anyway, have a great day err night at this point.

Happy Gaming

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Celestia Artwork

Hey, I'm at my friend's house. It's his uncle's birthday today. :D I love birthdays. They're so exciting.

So, I'm on my friend's mac-book (sp?) It's pretty awesomesauce, I mean, I love my desktop, but this is pretty awesome, even for a laptop. ;D

Anyway, Friendly got some pretty sweet concept art for Celestia from the folks over at KingsIsle. Gosh, you gotta love those guys. They didn't give us any of the actual people in the picture. They're gave silohuettes of the creatures. The humanoids look like they might be Marleybonians. Also the machinery in the background looks like the stuff in MB. So, I'm guessing the Marleybonians are exploring Celestia and we'll need to help them out, like in Krokatopia.

I'll upload the picture he gave us, tomorrow, because it's obviously not saved on my friend's computer. (He thinks W101 is stupid. O: Yeah I know, it's ridiculous. How can you hate a game as awesome as this?)

For now, just click on the look over in the good ol' sidebar and check out his post on it.

I'll talk to you guys probably late late night tomorrow. As I have piano lessons on Thursdays and we'll definitely have a lot of homework, as usual on Thursdays. (That's why I call it "Poopy Thursday.")

Happy Gaming

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Rat Magician

Hey guys, there's nothing really exciting to post about today. Unless you consider English projects exciting. O. o

But I doubt that.

So, today Friendly is talking about the Rat Magician pet. It kinda creeps me out.

I mean look at it:

If that doesn't scare you (even just a little) then nothing can. I mean, what kind of rat has a moustache? Well, I suppose the talking dogs in Marleybone would also be in question if everything in Wizard101 were realistic. That's what makes it so much fun! I mean, who do you know that has a unicorn in their back yard?

Other than Dakota...

That's what I thought.

So, Ill talk to you guys tomorrow, I hope.

Happy Gaming

Monday, April 5, 2010

Eggbert's Vacation

Hey guys, sorry I didn't get to post yesterday. We had a bunch of family over, so I was having fun with all my cousins. (Yes, I finally finished the tutorial XD It's down at April 1st because that's when I started it.)

When I wasn't playing with my cousins, I was playing WarioWare D.I.Y. I made a microgame where you have to catch the Easter Bunny. I'll see if I can re-create it in GameMaker, and upload it for you guys to play. (I doubt I'll be able to copy the awesomesauce)

Maybe I'll be able to get some pics of it for you.

Speaking of pictures, here's a nice one of me and Eggbert.

Yup, looks like Eggbert is once again in the spiral, so get some of his cool wands before he leaves for another year. I wonder what he does while he's gone...

Yup, he's definitely hopping around with Miley at the beach all year.

So Hoppy Easter to all.

Hoppy Gaming

(Picture edited by Me) Here's a link to the real one:

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Dancing Snowmen

Hey, guys. The first thing your thinking right now is "Hey, where's the tutorial?". Well, I haven't finished it yet, and today I want to talk about what we did on W101 yesterday. It was pretty funny.

Me, Christopher Thunderhunter, Nicholas Fireblade, Emily, and Alyssa were, you could call it roleplaying I suppose. Me, Chris, and Nick were using the Evil Snowman transformation, and Alyssa was dressed like a cardinal and Emily was in her life-ish outfit. So I was Jack Frost, Chris was Frosty, Nick was St. Nick, Emily was Lady Spring, and Alyssa was Robin the Cardinal! XD

The snowmen had to run from Lady Spring so she wouldn't melt us. We definitely had an awesome time doing that around Ravenwood.
Here's some pics I took.

We definitely had some pretty funny jokes in there. We had to avoid the fire school or else we would melt. Emily got a little angry cause we wouldn't stop pretending we were snowmen, so I said she had frostbite. That didn't help much, so we offered her some ice cream. XD

My favorite part was when we all started doing the Wizard Wiggle, as Leesha from over at Ravenwood Radio would call it. (Hitting left and right over and over, makes it look like your dancing.) I wasn't able to get a screen of it, cause I was too busy dancing. :D

Which brings me to my next topic: Dancing.

Don't you all think the game would be so much more fun if there were different dances for each school?

Friendly was talking about this yesterday. He posted some videos of how different MMO's handle the /dance feature.

My favorite was Guild Wars. Each class has a different dance. (And obviously different for each gender)

Here's the amazing video he posted of the Guild Wars /dances.

My favorite is the Male Ritualist /dance.

I had to leave pretty early last night because I was going over a friend's house for dinner.

I have a pretty awesomesauce screenshot right here, from when I left:

The best part of this screen is Alyssa off to the side saying XD.

No, Emily and I aren't dating I:

We're just really close friends.

No, seriously.

Ok, so anyway. Let me know in the comments, how you think the dance feature could be improved, and what your favorite transformation is.

(The tutorial will be posted on Monday, because tomorrow has a special easter surprise.)

Happy Gaming

Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Emily Griffinrider Day!

Hey guys, I woke up at 11:30 this morning err afternoon. I have a sore throat. My mom says it's because of my allergies. The party last night was outside, and because of all the rain here lately, it was pretty damp out.

But, despite my not feeling well, today is going to be a very special day.


Emily Griffinrider was probably my second friend on Wizard101. She's always been there for me when I needed support from a friend, whether it's been a bad day, or me starting this blog. :D

So, today we're going to celebrate my very best friend.

Here's a picture of the two of us:

This was taken during February this year. (You can tell because we're wearing red and white)

Emily's rocking the Bandit Clothes that I gifted her. Me, I'm just wearing my hat, (I've been wearing it since lvl 5, nope no stitching on it) The Cowl of Comparison, yup, I wore that up until I hit good ol' lvl 45. (Then I switched to the clothes I picked out for myself when I was little n00b Blaze), and the robes and shes that I wore in Mooshu.

But anyway, today we're celebrating all the moments that me and Emily have shared together.

For example, well, there's just so many, I can't think of one in particular. Oh! How about the time when we were making the carpet stairs in my house? I had just had my Desert Villa (I saved up for a house since I started the game, and bought the villa when I finally had enough for the house I wanted) for only a short time, when I was surfing YouTube for cool Wizard101 tricks and found this one:

UGH! I can't find it!

Oh well, if I ever find it, I'll simply edit this post and put it up here.

Well, I'm sure you've seen videos on how to make stairs out of carpets and crates. My friend Devin has an ice house filled with it. (I have pics of it over on my FB page, except they're labeled as my friend Ian's house, long story XD) So anyway, I started making some stairs to get up to the Krokosphinx like in the video. Of course, I was pretty short on gold after making such a big investment on buying a house. So, needless to say, Emily gave me all her spare treasure cards almost every time she saw me, in order to help me afford to make the stairs. We celebrated when we finally got up to the Krokosphinx. Turns out it was also my birthday when it happened. What a coincidence.

Here's a pic:

Well that's just great, I can't find the screenshot that I KNOW I took. Does anyone know if there is a maximum number of screens that you can have in the Wizard101 folder, and if you take another it will save over one of them? If that's possible, that's what happened.

x sigh x

Ok, so this whole post isn't really working out so well.

Tomorrow I'm going to be posting a tutorial on how to post a comment, because last night, Emily was having some trouble figuring out how. I already started it (it's saved as a draft post right now.) so I'll finish it and post it tomorrow.

Happy Emily Day!

Happy Gaming

Thursday, April 1, 2010

How To Comment

Ok so, this is how you can comment on my blog.
Step 1:

Find the post you wanna comment on

Step 2:
Click on Comments at the bottom of the post:

Step 3:

A window should come up looking like this:

Step 4:

Type your comment

Step 5:

Do the word confirmation

Step 6:

Choose your identity (how your name will show up in the comments section)

You can also sign in with your blogger account, use your OpenID account, or comment anonymously.

Step 7: Then just hit "Publish Your Comment"

Thanks. I hope this helps everyone

Happy Gaming

Happy Mudkip Day!

It's my favorite day of the year. Yuppers, it's Mudkip Day! (This is NOT an April Fools joke.) What's that? You've NEVER heard of Mudkip Day? Well, let me tell you the short and awesome story about how it started.

So, once upon a time, on Deviant Art, on April 1st, some insanely awesome hacker changed everyone's profile pic to a picture of a cute little mudkip. So now, every April 1st, we all celebrate Mudkip Day instead of April Fool's Day.

I even wore my "Happy Mudkip Day Shirt." It's a one-of-a-kind shirt. I made it myself last year (well, with the help of my mom.) It's white with this picture on it:

(Courtesy of Vampire Pumpkin over at Deviant Art)

Pretty awesomesauce huh?

So, Happy Mudkip Day to all.

No, I haven't played W101 yet today. XD I probably won't get a chance to go on today. I have a party at a friend's tonight. I: Oh well. I'll definitely be on over the LONG WEEKEND! Yay for Good Friday!

So, I'll talk to you guys tomorrow.

Happy Gaming