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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Cat Named Derp, Everyday I'm Shovelin'

Hey guys, I have two new episodes of Quantum Conundrum for you, just cause I'm so far ahead of myself with recording them. I really love this game. I really hope you're all enjoying them. Please don't hesitate to like/favorite them (and subscribe to me if you haven't). I really appreciate the feedback if you can give it. (Even if it's just a comment.) I love hearing that you guys like what I do. Thanks! Here's the videos. :)

Happy Gaming


Alex Flame. said...

(Ok you actually replied to me on one of your youtube videos.)

Well to be honest I forgot all about wizard101 and started playing it once every 2 months. Soon to not playing at all.

Its been a long long long while since I spoke to a old wizard friend. Its kinda cool speaking to one for the first time in forever. All my other old buddies are actually gone.

No one is on anymore last time I checked and it kinda saddens me because I never gave a proper goodbye to any of them.

Do you know any of the where abouts of our old wizard pals?

Anyway nowadays im playing games on my PS3 with my brother Kyle and one other wizard friend that happen to have a PS3 and alot of other cool new people i've met along the way.

Hopefully we can start communicating alittle bit more just through your blog.

1Mudkip88 said...

Yeah, I really feel badly about leaving W101 so abruptly. I mean, I spent forever on that game, and now it's just gone. I mean, there's what 3 new worlds after Celestia, and I'm still in the low 50's? It's just sad. I'm really gonna miss hanging out with you, and Emily, and everyone. It was a great part of my life :) But yeah, I really hope we can get back in tough and stuff through my channel/blog/etc. I really hope to get somewhere with this whole YOuTube thingy. :) Thanks so much for commenting and letting me know how you've been. Make sure to say hi to Kyle for me. ;)