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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

FRAPpy Summer: A Quantum Conundrum

Hey everyone!

Sorry it's been so super long since I last posted. I literally haven't really done anything so far this summer, so it's 100% my fault haha. Anyway, I got FRAPS today (like I've been promising to do FOREVER.) I also bought the new game, Quantum Conundrum. I guess it was made by the same development director or something as Portal, so it's really cool. It's a puzzle-y fancy shmancy physics type game, and so far I've had a great time.

Enjoy the new high-quality videos from now on, (HD WOO!) and don't forget to like/fav/subscribe! I really appreciate all your support.

Here is part 1! (I actually recorded 3 parts today in one play session, just because it was so addicting, and then I found out on YouTube, they're letting me upload videos that are [I'm assuming] as long as I want, so no more 15 minute limit! Let me know in the comments how long you think my average play session should be, and if you'd mind longer videos [forty five minutes/ hour?] Anyway, enjoy it!


Happy Gaming

P.S. Also please let me know if there's a schedule idea you have for my videos (ie. Mon, Wed, Fri? Every Saturday? etc) Thanks! :)

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